President Obama and Dems Showed Courage

November 3, 2010

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(ChattahBox Op/Ed) – When I awoke this morning I had a serious debate whether it was going to be the fetal position or the ledge. Each had it’s merits, the fetal position requires no real effort but sooner or later I’d tire of my sobbing and my back would begin to ache. The ledge forces you to focus and the focus leads to thought. In the end the ledge won out.

Just so we’re clear there was no ledge, maybe a mental ledge but not the “David Letterman throw a watermelon off the roof type of ledge”. But if you heard talk radio or read liberal blogs today you would’ve got the impression that there were a lot of folks contemplating option number two. I almost went there but the more I read the more I began to think. I began to think about what went right.

Following the Halloween nightmare of an election I think it’s appropriate to look forward to the next holiday in which we gorge ourselves on turkey and watch the Detroit Lions get beaten so badly you wished the NFL had a “mercy rule, that’s of course Thanksgiving. In that spirit I’d like to give thanks to a number of people who deserve it.

Let’s start with the voters. Not all of them because some were bad, naughty voters who deserve what they’ll get. No, I’m talking about those voters who rejected insanity and did the right thing. Voters in Nevada who voted for Reid over Angle. Voters in New York who soundly rejected Paladino or in Delaware where whackadoodle O’Donnell will now be free to become “Palin Lite”. Didn’t think it could be lighter than Palin? Neither did I. Kudos to Colorado who stood for reason over nutjobbery. How about virtually the whole state of California who brought back Gov. Brown and Boxer. They’ll be no Nazi wearing representatives (as far as we know) coming from the state of Ohio. We can’t leave out the voters in West Virginia, Raese combined with Rand Paul would’ve made a dynamic duo of stupid so dense another big bang would’ve been possible. There are more voters deserving praise that I’m sure I’m forgetting. Thanks to them and for all the voters who did the right thing.

The next group deserving praise and thanks are the same group I have at times been critical of. Our major Democratic politicians, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Barney, Grayson, Feingold and others who when staring into the face of withering criticism but did what had to be done.  Before Team Obama took office this administration along with the Democratic led congress faced an economic abyss. They stepped up knowing that the Republicorpians were going to use everything they did against them. If the Dems did nothing and let the “free market” have it’s way and plunged us into a world wide depression, the GOP would howl about the inaction of the Dems. As it were, they’ve howled day and night about the same actions Bush Ws advisors suggested. It was a no win situation for Obama and Democratic members of congress and they did what was necessary anyway.  Obama took on the banking industry with two major bills, one overhauling the banking industry itself and the other offering consumers protections they have never had before. It was clear the bankers would reward the Republicorpians with big donations and the they in turn took all the shots they wanted.  The big one of course was Health Care reform. This monster has been proposed by virtually every president in the last one hundred years and Obama was the only one to get a bill passed. This bill had the potential to displease everyone and it did. It was the right thing to do and they had the courage to do it. For these reasons I say “Thank you” to President Obama and the Democratic party to do what was needed even when they knew they would pay a price.

That’s what we want from our politicians. We want them to have the courage to do what’s right and not worry about their political future. We do not want politicians who believe that it’s their profession. I want politicians who know that their time is limited and have the courage to make the tough, right decision.

Two years from now, I’ll write another article like this one. I hope it’s filled with courageous politicians. I hope that my list has many Republicorpians who dug deep down and did what was right for this country. Given the group that’s in or going to Washington, I won’t be holding my breath.


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