Voters Are So Confused That They Voted For Change They Already Had

November 7, 2010

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(ChattahBox Op/Ed) – Voters do the darnedest things, as we learned this week.  In spite of the evidence in support of a country moving forward economically, and in spite of legislative progress on financial reforms that were to the benefit of most, and in spite of tax cuts that helped 95% of us, voters decided that they wanted change.  Seriously, if we are to break down last week’s results what the American people said they wanted in the exit polls they actually already had with the 111th Congress, but they didn’t know it when they had it and they don’t seem to know it now.I actually had someone tell me on a phone call on Wednesday morning, scarcely 13 hours after the polls had closed that we were already seeing a resurgence in  consumer confidence and in Wall Street gains, and he markets at that point had been open five minutes.

I had another conversation with a client of mine who is a hard core Republican where he stated that corporations were now going to start hiring more that Republican’s were in charge.  I asked him how he knew that and he pointed to something he had read that morning that supported this statement.  I gently asked him to share his reference point and he ended up telling me he heard Glenn Beck say it, so it must be true.

Another client, knowing my political point of view asked me is I were OK being that now that the House was controlled by the Republican’s that everything the Democrat’s and President Obama did would be rescinded by the end of January 2011.  When I asked how that would happen she told me they would just vote all that stuff away.

By the way, it doesn’t work that way.

But the electorate did demonstrate some odd behavior.  More Union households voted Republican in this past election since 1984, against their best interest, but who’s counting.

In Alaska, it looks clear a write-in candidate, incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski looks to be making history by winning her seat back after narrowly losing her primary race to Sarah Palin backed Joe Miller, who, by the way got 56,000 votes in the primary and only 70,000 votes in the general election, about 28% of the votes cast, where the write in candidate looks to get 41% of the vote.  Odd behavior indeed.

For me it is clearly the exit polling that tells the muddied story of this election more than anything else, because there is no clear policy or single issue, but an overall confusion that forced people to want change.

People are not happy and I get that completely.  After the nightmare policies of George Bush and his Republican cohorts, the Obama wave was a step in the right direction, or should I say the correct direction.  Obama has been victorious on many levels, save being a good messenger.  The Republican’s have been masterful at doing northing but telling flat out lies and for the most part most of you swallowed what they were serving.  It’s crazy.

The electorate is an interesting and moving target.  Our general dislike of people in charge is honestly the antithesis of how it should be, but the reality is glaringly odd to its core.

Is it that our expectations are so skewed that we will never be satisfied with what happens inside the beltway or is it a simple lack of effort to learn about issues that create confusion?  Or, sadly, does it matter at all?

Obama will lead.  Republican’s will talk.  Democrat’s will adapt.  What will you do?

I’m fairly certain that as we move forward in the 112th Congress we will find in President Obama that man he was meant to be.  I believe he needed the Republican majority in the House in order to accomplish what he had set out to do to begin with.  Ultimately, we all really want the same thing for our country.  It’s pretty safe to say that a more robust economy, more jobs, equal access to health care and a debt reduction agenda that is tied into all of that growth.  We all want these things and we want to soon.  And, as we were well on our way to making all this happens anyway, how we move forward is now in the hands of the Republican machine that will have to find a way to move forward with real leadership now that they have our attention.  The margin for failure is great if they decide that the way to do that is to continue to lie to the American people.

That won’t work, or will it?

This election may have changed politics forever and not in a good way.  What happen on Tuesday happened in broad daylight.  You, the electorate have basically been bitch slapped by the Republican Party for the past 21 months and led to believe that what is factually real and progressive was anything but real and progressive, and in spite of the facts I have given you on numerous occasions, you believed that dribble anyway.

Folks, you scare me.

I am dedicating myself to the idea that truth is a good thing and my goal is to assist the electorate in emancipating you from your past beliefs.  I don’t trust you right now and I don’t like the way that feels, so get ready because the truth train is pulling out of the station and I’ve got room for all of you.

Tony Trupiano is a former national syndicated progressive radio talk show host, author, and a former candidate for Congress. He is also a nationally recognized media trainer.  He can be reached at and can read his Blog at


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