Op/Ed: We Need To Get Our Troops Out Of Iraq Now

November 13, 2010

Artist: Carlos Latuff

(ChattahBox Op/Ed) – We need to get our troops out of Iraq now.

While we are laser focused on domestic politics here at home there are grave reasons to be concerned that the government of Iraq is ready to implode.  After eight months of negotiations a brokered deal for power sharing is coming increasingly close to imploding and the political fall out of that could be and is starting to become a disaster for Iraq.The Shia, Kurds and Sunni factions are at political war, and in spite of the rhetoric by some to soften the fallout that happened this week when the Sunni faction walked out of Parliament in a show if dissatisfaction with the proposed power sharing deals it got my attention.

There is still not political stability in Iraq and may not be for the foreseeable future and this should be of great concern to us all.  While we have been debating and dismantling our own government, recent increases in violence and attacks in Iraq are as a direct result of the political upheaval taking place in that country.  Unless you need to be reminded, although we have been told that our involvement is slowly subsiding, I am not convinced that the Iraqi Army or police force is stable enough to quell any uptick in attacks and that a greater commitment will have to be made by the US Military in order to keep peace.

We need to get our troops out of Iraq now.

It doesn’t take someone with great powers and understanding of how government works to clearly see that what is playing out within the Iraqi government has the potential to send any progress made back to square one, and that is not something that can happen, but it might.    There is internal talk among the different factions about forming their own councils or working outside the system to accomplish their personal goals, and that would benefit no one.  Furthermore, if you examine how critical the timing is, from a United States standpoint, the timing of this situation could not be worse.

We need to get our troops out of Iraq now.

There is nothing rational about the Iraqi political mindset and as they are the political equivalent and have the maturity of a ten year old boy, the reality exists this morning that Iraq could find itself in civil war before very long.   And if you think I’m being overly dramatic, so be it, but there is no reason to believe with any kind of certainty that they will be able to broker this political boondoggle using their own people.  The United States is still making too many political decisions and brokering too many agreements for this government to be trusted with any kind of confidence.  How much longer and how many more rifts between these three factions will take place before one of them makes the decision to abdicate and overthrow?

We need to get our troops out of Iraq now.

We can not with any reality compare the political strife in Iraq to political strife in many other democratized countries for many reasons, and as the ongoing mistrust of each other and the continued awareness that there are too many Saddam Hussein sympathizers still involved in the “new” government, our efforts, which are largely unappreciated in that country, are headed for disastrous consequences and as of this minute we are squarely in the middle of this political powder keg.

Too many innocent lives have been lost.  Too much political capital has been expended.  Too many critical opportunities have been squandered by an Iraqi government that is not too terribly interested in stability.  Not enough has changed in order for anyone to believe that the kind of political progress that needs to be made is being made.  It has become clear that the Iraqi government is consumed by power and not progress.  How much longer do we hang on before we realize that no matter what we do it will never be enough?

We need to get our troops out of Iraq now.

Tony Trupiano is a former national syndicated progressive radio talk show host, author, and a former candidate for Congress. He is also a nationally recognized media trainer.  He can be reached at tony@mediatony.com and can read his Blog at www.mediatraining.me.


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