NEWS FLASH: America is Still at War!

November 15, 2010

(ChattahBox Op/Ed News) – Imagine my shock this morning when I jumped on the computer to check the news and found out that the US is still at war. What’s that? You’re shocked too? Well it’s true. According to the article Hamid Karzai, our man in Afghanistan wants the US to reduce it’s military footprint in his country. This apparently is upsetting to coalition forces commander Gen. Patreaus. That’s not surprising part. The surprising part is that we are still at war in Afghanistan.

How is that possible? And I don’t mean that as in “How is it that we haven’t won the war?” I mean it as in ” How the hell did we go through a major election and Veteran’s day and hardly no one mentioned that we were still at war?”

Weeks ago we just had the most costly election in our history. Democrats and Republicorpians argued over the economy, taxes, trade, labor, banking, etc. The main arguments were about money. How much were the rich folk gonna get and why, oh why must they be subjected to the burdensome tax rate of 39%? Just for fun a few politicians brought up immigration  or some other subject meant to divide us. But no one, brought up the simple fact that after nine years we are still at war in Afghanistan. How can that be? How is it that our service members are still bleeding to death in a country that in October 2002 Secretary of Defense said, “”The Taliban are gone. The Al Qaeda are gone.”. They are bleeding, being maimed and dying and no one, not the politicians, the media or the public seemed to care much about them during the last election.

Sure, everyone professes to care about the troops. If so why the silence?  It all comes down to money and not necessarily in the way that you’re thinking, so stay with me. So far, we’ve spent over 365 billion on the war. Think about all that dough and where it goes. If you’re imagination is better than mine, then you’ve thought of places I didn’t. So that means there’s a lot of folks making a lot of cash off the war. It’s kind a hard to stop anything that makes a lot of money. Proof in point, the drug war. How’s that going? With all that cash flowing this way and that, there’s not a lot pressure put on our politicians to end it especially if the media and the people are silent.

Which leads me to the media and the people. I won’t for one moment suggest that the American people wish to see our service members harmed, but it wasn’t on our minds a few weeks ago when we voted. Poll after poll showed that the economy was by far the most important thing in people’s minds. The war in Afghanistan hardly was in our collective consciousness heading into the polling booth. The media seemed to echo the people’s concerns. The economy or the election itself garnered all the attention night after night on cable and network TV. It makes me wonder if it’s the “chicken or the egg” thing here. Do the people tend to forget about the war because the media stopped covering it or did the media stop covering the war because the people forgot about it? It doesn’t matter because the conclusion is the same. The economy was much more important to the average American and the media follows dollars like Charlie Sheen follows the devil on his shoulder. They went where the money was. Apparently, there’s not much money in following a war we’ve already forgotten about.

So just a reminder here, American’s are still bleeding and dying far far away. They are still coming home wounded, physically and mentally, often it’s both. They still need our support and I’m not talking about some stupid yellow ribbon magnate you put on your SUV. I’m talking about ensuring your Senator or Representative does the right thing for them.  Ensure that they fund the Veteran’s Administration. Yes, I know it’s a socialistic organization but I’m a sane, rational person who’s good with that. Make sure they find out why our Veteran’s are killing themselve’s faster than the enemy can. If that’s not a national tragedy I don’t know what is.

Listen, I know economically most of us are hurting. I know war is good business. But in the end is a dollar worth a limb or a life? Please don’t forget we are still at war.


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