How Did Our Fear of Immigrants and Islam Magically Disappear?

November 22, 2010

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’ll admit it, the midterm elections effected me. Not in the “it’s the end of the world” way but more in the “ugh, I just can’t look at the news for awhile” kind of way. I tried but every time I clicked on Chattahbox or Huffpo or even BBC News, I just skimmed the headlines. For a laugh I’d jump over to that comedy website called Fox News. They do the best parody of journalism around. Overall though my heart just wasn’t in it to read the news. Well that was then, this is now and a lot has happened since the mid terms. The biggest news I’ve discovered is that since the elections we’ve completely solved the illegal immigration issue and we’ve over come our fear of Islam and instead have decided to hate all airline passengers.

Funny though, I can’t find any news on how we did it. One moment the only issue that made any news was that marauding Mexican immigrants were running roughshod over the Southwest dropping headless bodies in suburban Phoenix’ backyards. Apparently the problem was getting bad because states all over the country were supporting Arizona’s tough new anti-Mexican laws (let’s not kid ourselves here, they weren’t trying to keep blue eyed blonde Swedes out). Oddly enough those states were all Republican led, not sure what that says.

Same thing happened to our abject fear of Islam. One moment an Imam who has been a peaceful ambassador for two of our presidents proposed to build an Islamic Community Center in of all places New York City. I mean, what does NYC know of diversity? Those who know better than you or I clearly showed that the Imam’s true intentions was to build a “Tower of Hate” designed with sole purpose of reenacting the Moors conquest of Spain or something like that. Truth be told I never could figure out why there was such a hubbub. But there was, it was intense and it spread from coast to coast. Little towns who are more threatened by their own homegrown meth cookers talked about new laws that would usurp the constitution in order to keep them “Islamicals” out. Oklahoma went so far as banning Sharia law from being enacted in the Sooner state. That was prudent because even though no one had ever once suggested it and any law based on religion wouldn’t make it past a single federal judge a signal had to be sent “Sooner” or later. Give me a moment, still chuckling over that one. ┬áThat was then this is now. Now there’s no news of Muslims taking over America. No news of the Islamic Center in NYC and no news of stonings in our town squares. To be fair if there were stonings, it’s possible they could be Christian or Jewish stonings as the Old Testament allows death by stoning for just about every offense including lusting after you neighbor’s Ass. Need another moment …..thank you.

The internet is pretty good at keeping information around. As long as you know how to search for something you can usually find it. But no matter how hard I search I can find nothing on how we solved these two incredibly important issues. Issues that if you listened to Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or heaven forbid Mark Levine you would’ve got the sense that our very existence was threatened. Now there’s no talk of it and I can’t find anything on how it all went away. Ever since the elections were held, there’s been no mention of either Islam or immigration.

Oh no, you don’t think that the end of the elections had anything to do with the silence on these two White America threatening issues do you? That would mean that the core issues of immigration reform and finding a place for Islam in America while important, were artificially conflagrated for political purposes? That would mean that someone or some group purposefully used race as a wedge issue to influence an American election. But who? Who would be so evil, so bile filled to demonize whole groups of people just to better their odds of winning? Dick Cheney is pretty evil, so is Rush Limbaugh and Rupurt Murdoch. What about the Koch brothers, they’re Sith Lords on the Dark side too. No, only one person comes to mind. Only one person so hate filled to pull off such a feat, it could only be Lord Valdemort. I know what you’re thinking, “Harry Potter in 2012”! Sorry folks, Harry Potter is British.


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