Is The World Collapsing?

November 27, 2010

(ChattahBox Op/Ed News) – As I’m scanning headlines today looking for that one piece of news that would strike a cord in me and propel me to yet another yarn to warn or highlight, my mind was spinning.  Indeed the morning coffee is working well this good day as I was reading with horror so many stories that are seemingly unrelated yet produce the same set of feelings in me anyway.  So as I get pulled into more and more news I start getting this feeling that no matter how much I want to believe we are maybe easing our way into some kind of relief somewhere in this crazy world of ours, I am slapped with the reality that the entire world is stressed beyond the breaking point.

Consider this:

  • The Koreas are at the verge of a real war and the headlines do not accurately reflect the seriousness of this past weeks bombing and the escalating tensions and the terrific reality of what may proceed in very short order.  With China and the United States taking sides and the insanity of a North Korean leadership crisis looming, there is serious reason for concern, meriting more concern than we are giving this situation, in my opinion.
  • The European Union and the massive financial unrest in countries that are seeking or being forced in some cases to take financial aid in order to keep alive the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland, and that list is certain to grow as Germany and other countries are continuing to struggle with the collapsing world economies and the debt crisis has the potential to paralyze and weaken an ever growing financial world problem.
  • The TSA has growing problems as stories are now focused on the most extreme cases of pat downs with TSA agents being accused of fondling and being overtly sexual in their process.  Other cases have been sensational in nature and dramatic to the point of hilarity, but this is a problem that will require further change and serious debate.
  • Black Friday, a uniquely American insanity, robs the spirit of Christmas again this year as the growing number of news websites share video of people literally beating the living tar out of each other to buy a television for ½ off and consumers, who cannot afford this stuff to begin with, just about kill, and in some cases do, to deepen their own personal financial crisis for whatever reason that makes sense to only them.
  • Sarah Palin…just Google her and it will speak for itself.
  • Fed Ex, an iconic corporate brand, loses medical grade uranium rods, thankfully finds them, but how the hell do you lose something like that to begin with?
  • And yet again, Willie Nelson gets busted for pot possession.  Can’t we just let him alone already?

We live in a troubled and hypocritical time where scattered across the globe are acts of insanity and such a deepening sense chaos you begin to wonder if imbalance of good versus evil is so out of whack that we no longer concern ourselves with consequences instead just leaving what is to come to chance and not choice.

As a student of history I cannot recall a time in world history where so much division and cloudy thinking were the mainstay of the public discourse as world leaders no longer seek consensus but pride themselves in pissing contests where not only does no one win but no progress is sought after or attained, because if you don’t have goals than you never fail, right?

And at the center of all this is a prevailing reality that before too long whatever the straw that will break the proverbial camels back is, it will be catastrophic.

I am deeply concerned.

Whether you see my point or not isn’t really my concern and my interest in sharing this today is perhaps more about the common thread that led me to this piece today.  Whether we are talking about people not being able to pay their mortgages but still buying flat screen televisions, or world leaders that are hell bet on destroying people and property in the name of superiority, matters not, it’s the disconnect that all these situations share.  How have we arrived at a time where the very definition of survival and responsibility is usurped by a personal need to be right, as if life is an X-Box game played live on-line?

While some of you may think I am way over simplifying and comparing events that clearly have no connection then you are missing my larger point.  And don’t put that on me.  When I assess anything my process requires me to take a step back, clear my mind, take a deep breath and with as honest an effort as I can make study the facts on all sides of an issue and then draw my conclusion based on many factors including what is best for all, how accomplishing what needs to be done will happen, and how we can minimize any damage to a greater degree.  It also requires me to re-chart and correct the course if it seems clear that no matter what the intention the plan won’t work.  That process works for any situation no matter how large or small.

I’m seeing a profound lack of common sense being administered these days and I am worried that before too long that singular event that will change the direction the world is going in will be of such a nature and devastation that harm done will impact us in such a negative way that is sets us back even further.  Of course it doesn’t have to play to that way but unless world leaders start having a different conversation very soon, my fears may just be confirmed and on this issue I need to be proved wrong.

Tony Trupiano is a former national syndicated progressive radio talk show host, author, and a former candidate for Congress. He is also a nationally recognized media trainer.  He can be reached at and can read his Blog at


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