Too Many Losses, Obama Needs Wins

December 8, 2010

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

(ChattahBox Op/Ed) – When I first heard the news of the Tax Deal Giveaway, I sighed and felt the blow of another defeat. I purposefully stayed away from the news and the endless stream of pundits who all too often tell us how we should feel. So this afternoon I read a dozen or so reports or editorial commentary and I tuned into Progressive radio shows to get the general feeling from the Progressive world. As you know there was outrage. There were also several radio hosts whom I greatly respect who were preaching patience and a “it’s not that bad or Obama didn’t have a choice” advice meant to calm and soothe the newest self inflicted wound. So, I had my self imposed news silence and now I’ve read and listened to the best the left can offer. How do I feel? The same, defeated. Well, defeated and angry.

This is not what I signed up for. I voted for change. I voted for hope. Most of all I voted for a government run by Democrats and influenced by Progressives. What I got was constant capitulation and disappointment.  Two years ago President Obama earned a overwhelming victory over Senator Flip Flop and 1/2 term Governor Quitter. Democrats had a massive majority in the house and dominating majority in the Senate. Sure we didn’t have 6o but if it were budget related our majority allowed us to use reconciliation to pass any law we wanted. The Democrats were primed to do great things and sometimes they did.

But lets take a look at some of their greatest defeats, miscalculations or unfinished works.  First is the odd notion that Obama had, that the Republicorpians were going to treat him better than they treated President Clinton. Didn’t he watch the farce that was Clinton’s impeachment? Heck, Hillary wasn’t too busy to ask advice.  She would’ve told him that it would be easier to explore Mt Doom than to work with Boehner, McConnell or Bachman.

Like any unemployed car salesman, Obama doesn’t seem to know how to negotiate. We were in disbelief when “Health Care Reform” was proposed.  Obama stood there in his polyester suit, white vinyl shoes and began negotiating down before the Republicorpians had ever named a price. When they did name a price he went lower. There was Boehner glowing orange and smelling of Rob Roys, looking glassy eyed when Obama said “how bout you give me $5000 for that new S Class Benz? Wait, wait how bout $4000? Don’t like $4000, how bout $2000?”.  Boehner, leaning against a car replied, “I’ll give you $1000 and throw in your dignity”. “I’ll do you one better, make it $500 and my dignity and you have a deal!” Don’t get me wrong there’s some good things in the new law, insuring 30 million Americans who previously didn’t have insurance is a first for our country. But we could’ve had so much more.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is still hanging out there. Truman integrated the armed forces with an Executive Order. Obama is waiting for the Detroit Lions to win the Super Bowl before taking any meaningful action. It’s like he has Matt Millen managing the White House.

He promised us that once he became president, he would order Guantanamo Bay’s Camp Delta closed. Just looking at my calendar we’re closing in on two years since he became Commander in Chief and it’s still holding prisoners without charges. I don’t pretend for a moment to suggest that finding a way out of the legal and security issues aren’t complex. I mean I’m sure it’s difficult to prosecute folks who’ve been tortured. We need to restore some of the national dignity we lost when George W treated our morals like a Fox News host treats a teenage mother, unless her name is Bristol Palin.

Wanna see more broken promises? Check out .  To be fair President Obama was dealt some bad cards and he has done good things. The thing that burns our cheese is that he waited way too long to realize the folks in the GOP just won’t play nice. They will do nothing except obstruct in order to make him look bad. It was obvious to many of us but crystal clear when the leaders in the GOP publicly declared their number one goal was to make Obama a one term president. This is always the goal of the opposition but generally they try to help the country in the mean time. Not with these clowns. They’ll watch the town burn down before picking up a pail.

Now the deck is stacked against our president. Republicorpians will now control the house. If you thought they could stop the people’s work before they actually had any real power, just watch how effective they can be at being ineffective. Add to that the disillusionment of much of his base and 2012 now suddenly looks  like a tough slog.

The only chance our president has at furthering his agenda and securing a second term is to stop pretending that Republicorpians are a party you can work with. They must be shamed publicly before they will do anything for anyone not making Koch brothers type money.  Then he needs to beat them at anything. Checkers, Jinga or maybe even lawmaking. Progressives need a few wins to get energized and excited to reelect President Obama.

If he doesn’t secure a few wins between now and then we may be watching President Palin and Vice President Bachman being sworn in. I think I just threw up a little.


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