Boehner and Boys Show No Class in Health Care Assault

January 18, 2011

(ChattahBox Op/Ed News) – OK, deep breaths….blood pressure down, ready. Is anyone else out there having trouble with the name of the Republicorpian’s bill to repeal health care reform? If you didn’t think their cynicism and just plain mean spiritedness and couldn’t get any worse, your wrong it did. We’re used to Orwellian sounding names for bills the GOP spits out. A bill which might be proposed to give money directly to a pollution causing industry like coal might be called the “Efficient Energy Investing Bill”, if sponsored by the Republicorpians. We’ve become used to such slight of hand from these legislating charlatans but this time the insult is just too great. In case you missed it the bill the GOP in the house is voting on is called the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act”. Honestly, this is absolutely classless.

It’s classless because it disregards the need for health care reform and the debate and passion that went into crafting the original health care bill. It mocks the cancer patient who could never get medical insurance coverage without it. It heckles and chides the 33 million Americans currently without health care but will soon have it thanks to Obama Care. For the record Dems should not run and hide from that name. Republicorpians use it derisively but like every other major issue in the 20th and 21st century, time will prove them to be on the wrong side of history. Dems should embrace the Obama Care moniker because one day soon, that name will be synonymous with greatness just as the “The New Deal” is synonymous with FDR or the way Civil Rights is linked to LBJ. But back to my point, giving the bill the “Job Killing” name is all about the GOPs desire to mock and ridicule President Obama. They do not care that it reduces the deficit by $1.3B dollars over ten years yet if repealed would add over $200M to the deficit immediately. The only thing the GOP cares about is protecting the campaign donations they receive from Big Health Care companies and attacking Obama.

Seriously, how can you work with people so devoid of decency? I promise you if you were to make a political satire movie you couldn’t come up with a more asinine name than this. The dark beauty of the name of course is that we’re talking about the stupid name and not the absolute idiocy of attempting to repeal the law. Last night Jon Stewart on the The Daily Show did a nice piece on this which he showed talking heads discussing the name and unfortunately Dems playing along. I say unfortunately because what they should be doing is quickly condemning the assault on decency before moving on and trouncing the idea of repeal. Most of the  media doesn’t seem to have time with the substance of the bill only the name of it.

The repeal of course doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance in John Boehner’s tanning bed of passing. It’ll pass the House of course because they are flush with Tea Party freshmen ready to make their mark. And when I say “mark” I mean what passes for their signatures. I’ll be shocked if the bill even gets a hearing in the senate much less passed. Then there’s Obama. If by miracle it makes it out the senate and lands on the president’s desk, well I’m afraid if that happens. Though, Obama was able to pull off some “Godfather” like negotiations in December, I’m not yet convinced that he wouldn’t try for more “compromise” and give up more that we hold dear. But in the end, the original health care reform law isn’t going anywhere. Now the GOP does have some power over the purse strings. They will most certainly attempt to hold all legislation hostage unless they get their way to defund portions of the bill. This will eventually backfire, particularly if the Dems learn how to talk to the American people about the good that’s in the law.

It makes you wonder what they’re going to come up with next. Maybe the “Screw You America, We’re Openly Giving Wall St Everything They Want And You Can Kiss Our Ass” Bill, coming from the blubbering orange John Boehner, I wouldn’t be shocked.  This what we have to look forward to. The House of Representatives has been taken over by a combination of guys from Omega Theta Pi (think the militant jerks from Animal House) and an All Star Cast of The Jerry Springer Show. Congratulations America, you just voted in a Reality Show nobody wants to watch.


One Response to “Boehner and Boys Show No Class in Health Care Assault”

  1. Old Man Dotes on January 18th, 2011 6:35 pm

    The Republicorp doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what’s good for America. All they care about is (1) what puts money in the pockets of their owners (the foreign interests behind the US Chamber of Commerce); (2) what puts money in their own pockets (e.e.g, who will bribe them the most by enlarging their campaign funds); (3) undoing anything that the Obama Administration has accomplished; and (4) preventing Obama from doing any good for America.

    The GOP’s sole aim is the destruction of America. They are enemies of America and Americas, in the employ of the Red Chinese Government. Some of them even know that. I am certain that Boner (sic) knows it.

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