An interview with Dr. Svetlana Kogan on vaccines

June 10, 2009

(ChattahBox) — We spoke with Dr. Svetlana Kogan board certified internist and founder of The Doctors at Trump Place (, to gain some insight into the great future promise and current controversy of vaccinations.

1) How do vaccines work exactly?

Vaccine work by introducing an antigen which can be a killed virus (as in polio vaccine) or a protein from the surface of the offending agent (as a glycoprotein 100 from the surface of a malignant melanoma cell). This given antigen prompts a very strong response by our immune system: antibodies to it are produced and circulated in our bloodstream for a long time, sometimes forever. If our bodies encounter a real offending agent, like a polio virus itself or a malignant melanoma cell, the prepped antibodies will neutralize the enemy swiftly and effectively.

2) What vaccines should adult patients receive?

Women ages 9-26 should receive a cervical cancer vaccine.

Everyone should receive a yearly influenza vaccine

People traveling to third world countries should receive Hepatitis A vaccine.

3) Why is it important that adults, not just children get vaccinated?

If you can prevent a disease, why not?

4) Are there any other new vaccines on the market that people should be aware of?

Melanoma and breast cancer vaccine are being developed by the researchers. The HPV virus vaccine is available for women 9-26 but scientists are working on making it effective for women over 26.

5) Can you discuss the new vaccines for melanoma, breast cancer, and the HPV virus?

a. Who should seek out these vaccines?

Melanoma vaccine is currently in the experimental stages. It has been found to shrink malignant melanoma tumors. Currently, only cancer patients participating in clinical trials are able to receive it.

Breast cancer vaccine is also in the experimental stages. It stimulates production of antibodies against the HER-2 positive breast tumors (about 25% of all the breast cancer types). This vaccine is in very early human trials. If it passes the safety trials, it will be of immense use in treatment of HER-2positive malignant breast tumors.

HPV virus vaccine is widely available in your Ob/Gyn’s office. It’s called Gardasil. It’s approved for women 9-26.

b. Are there any other vaccines we will see in the coming year?


6) And your feelings on the vaccine controversy surrounding vaccines as it relates to Autism in children?

I think there is something very wrong with kids receiving a myriad of vaccinations from the moment they are born and through their childhood. How about the natural immunity I grew up with in Ukraine ? The delayed type IgG mediated immune response can be postulated to cause auto-immune diseases. Autism is considered, by some, to be a result of a some kid’s immune systems running a mock because of the vaccines, and turning against themselves.

7) Are there any other interesting or important facts about vaccines you feel our readers should know about?

Since the order has not yet officially been issued by our government to start producing a swine flu vaccine, I am starting to think that they do not consider swine flu deadly enough. This kind of thinking is ruthless. Are American citizens worse than AIG or Citibank or General Motors? Is our health not worth it?

Not too many people die naturally from Pertussis and Mumps. Yet, the decision was made to vaccine everyone against them. It’s all politics, my friends…


Dr. Svetlana Kogan, MD. (photo left) board certified in Internal Medicine, is a Cornell University graduate.  She is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital and a member of both the American Medical Association and the American Anti-Aging Academy . Dr. Kogan founded Doctors at Trump Place ( in New York City . Doctors at Trump Place  was originally founded on the premise that allopathic (traditional) medicine can and should thrive in harmony with alternative medicine, a blend of Western and Eastern medicine to provide 360 optimal care to patients.


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