Longer Lasting “Morning After” Pill Finally Approved by FDA

August 13, 2010

(Chattahbox) – After a long battle, the FDA has finally approved ella, an emergency contraceptive that works for up to five days.  It is significantly more effective than Plan B, especially over when taken more than a day or two after having unprotected intercourse.

Although ella has been available in 22 other countries for the past year, there was controversy over the drug because of a lack of agreement in the U.S. over when life begins.  In some cases, hormonal contraception can prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall, which certain groups consider abortion.  However, the majority of time the drug simply prevents the woman’s ovaries from releasing an egg to be fertilized, thus preventing any hint of pregnancy or abortion.

Opponents of emergency contraception claim that it can cause abortions like RU486, with or without the woman’s knowledge.  However, ordinary birth control pills can be used for the same purpose if the patient simply knows how to use Google, and only an extremely foolish conservative (cough Mike Huckabee cough) would suggest banning all oral contraceptives.

Children who are inadvertently conceived while their mother is taking “The Pill” rarely suffer from any negative effects because of the hormones.  Likewise, women who took ella and subsequently became pregnant had no complications with their pregnancy, and their children were born healthy.  The drug has not been tested for use as an abortion drug, and there are currently no plans to test it as such.  Over 4,500 women tested the drug, and only 2.1% became pregnant, compared to the expected 5.5% or Plan B’s initial 2.8%.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards expressed approval over the decision.  “Every woman deserves every option available to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, and there are many reasons why a woman may face the risk of unintended pregnancy — from failure or improper use of birth control, to sexual assault. The FDA’s approval of this new form of emergency contraception gives women one more option.”

Critics of the drug are disgusted, blaming President Obama’s political ideologies and “pro-abortion” stances for the approval of the drug.  Supporters, on the other hand, praised the FDA for finally making decisions based on science, safety, and efficacy rather than politics.


One Response to “Longer Lasting “Morning After” Pill Finally Approved by FDA”

  1. Jenny on April 28th, 2011 2:31 pm

    I think everything starts and ends with education … and contraptive pills are just one more tool, not the absolute answer, but it should be made available for teens (who will usually feel too embarrassed to turn to their parents or professional doctor in these delicate matters, in addition to making the pills more accessible teens should be referred to informational sources such as the-morning-after-pill.com or yahoo answers

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