Some Doctors Want to Treat the Gay Before It Happens?

August 16, 2010

(ChattahBox) РA medical treatment for the condition known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a condition that causes a developing baby female to grow masculine genital traits, also may  reduce the chance of that girl being homosexual, a side effect that has once against stoked the nature vs. choice debate.

The very fact that a medication may limit homosexuality in females seems to be an argument that being gay is something you are born with naturally, and not a choice in lifestyle. While this is only the latest bit of evidence that seems to prove this, the point has been thrown to the side to make way for anti-gays that want this treatment to be used for that very purpose.

Already, gay and lesbian groups are in an uproar, and they aren’t the only ones. Many doctors have come forward to complain about suggestions by these anti-gay activists that this be used as some kind of eradication of lesbianism, and become a regular part of prenatal care.

Not only is this ludicrous, but it is a major violation of bio-ethics, and so the debate has once against heated up between those who think we should, and those who think we shouldn’t.

“Some people refer to girls with CAH as experiments of nature because you’ve got this condition and you can take advantage of studying it,” Dr. Ken Zucker pointed out to the LA Times.

How can this even be considered? Yes, it is becoming more and more and more possible to dictate a child’s sexual orientation by manipulating their biology in the womb. But the very fact that we can do this shows that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, because it is developed biologically, with all other functions.

The logic behind changing that, behind it being ‘wrong’ eats itself. But then, anyone who would seriously suggest using a potentially harmful hormonal treatment prenatally to reduce the ‘risk’ of a girl becoming a lesbian isn’t using logic to fuel their desire.


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