Marijuana Shows Positive Pain Relief Results In New Study

August 30, 2010

Canada (ChattahBox) – Canadian researchers have conducted the first full study that looks at the affects of marijuana on neuropathic pain, through the use of smoking it from pipes.

The study was conducted through McGill University, and it studied the use of marijuana with various percentages of the active ingredient THC. The patients used it by smoking it through pipes on their own time from home, and recording the use and effect on their chronic pain.

Each patient had suffered from either a post-traumatic nerve pain (such as through a major injury), or a post-surgical nerve pain. In all cases, the use of marijuana with a 10% THC rate was found the most beneficial, with less aid the smaller the amount.

They also reported being less moody and able to sleep more easily.

The study marks a major milestone for proving that cannabis has a marked affect on pain, and can be used as a cheap, easy pain reliever. However, more testing must be done to study the long term affects.

The study has been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.


4 Responses to “Marijuana Shows Positive Pain Relief Results In New Study”

  1. Jillian Galloway on August 31st, 2010 6:09 am

    $113 billion is spent on marijuana every year in the U.S., and because of the prohibition *every* dollar of it goes straight into the hands of criminals. Far from preventing people from using marijuana, the prohibition instead creates zero legal supply amid massive and unrelenting demand.

    According to the ONDCP, at least sixty percent of Mexican drug cartel money comes from selling marijuana in the U.S., they protect this revenue by brutally torturing, murdering and dismembering thousands of innocent people.

    If we can STOP people using marijuana then we need to do so now, but if we can’t then we need to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to adults with after-tax prices set too low for the cartels to match. One way or another, we have to force the cartels out of the marijuana market and eliminate their highly lucrative marijuana incomes – no business can withstand the loss of two-thirds of its revenue!

    To date, the cartels have amassed more than 100,000 “foot soldiers” and operate in 230 U.S. cities, and the longer they’re able to exploit the prohibition the more powerful they’ll get and the more our own personal security will be put at risk.

  2. Joe Hall on August 31st, 2010 8:06 am

    As a long time pain patient I find it beyond absurd that NOW we get “test results” from “pot”. It’s been proven to work and many many studies have been done for forty yrs. and I can tell you it does work and the side effects are positive instead of negative. After being on high doses of Oxycontin for yrs, I own my life to the legal access to Rx MMJ. Too bad that we are still under the gun from the feds who illegally demand policemen to practice medicine w/out a license. Sine when did the DEA take over ALL “questionable” Rx’s?? When did the DEA get the power to simply say ALL patients no matter if they are dying to interrogate all doctors every month over the same patient?
    Our MOST costly part of health care is that we have to support all police unions with bad retirement plans and are now worried about lay offs since they won’t have has much “to do” work.

  3. Spanner McNeil on August 31st, 2010 11:59 am

    Toronto City Council are indeed Brave and Bold and made of the right stuff, headed in the right direction. That marijuana provides pain relief is well known to many geriatric baby boomers and well proven in the historical record. However in certain Easter Ontario Ridings we have further to go. This month in SD & G country, an Eastern Ontario Riding, several families had their children kidnapped by child services because one or more parent smoke marijuana. This month in SD & G County Conservative MP Lauzon announced billions of dollars worth of prisons for the unreported crime of using marijuana. If you use marijuana your children will be taken from you and sold to strangers. If you use marijuana you will lose your job and your business followed by your house cause you will be serving minimum mandatory jail time and your business and house will be sold to strangers under Bill S-10. Will old baby boomers be allowed to bring walkers and canes into prison, will their wheel chairs be denied because it is considered a weapon? I wonder if all the people who use marijuana will be sent to a Warsaw ghetto by members of Parliament who follow orders without question? How many marijuana users will stop feeling guilty for who they are and their innocent behaviour behind closed doors that is of no consequence to anyone else? How important is it for the oldest generation in this country to hunt down young people like dogs? Why is it most Police Chiefs in Canada publicly and privately state that marijuana should be legalized? Why did 30 thousand police officers join ‘Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’? The answer is there isn’t anything even a little bit wrong with marijuana. Marijuana can however reveal those who are not fit to govern and have lost all moral right to authority because of their unbalanced hostile reaction to those who do use it. We must be concerned with Members of Parliament who have little access to science, logic and reason because they will ferment great and vast wrongs in other areas of our adult Canadian lives.–judge-slapped-for-bias-in-pot-case

  4. Joe Scmuidt on February 27th, 2011 4:38 pm

    If we look at Amsterdam,marijuana is still illegal there,but it is de-criminalized.
    Thats exactly what people should be pushing for,this would mean that it can only be consumed(smoked)in a coffee shop,or purchased there.
    It is funny though,how government or judges,the police,they would all have a beer or would drink a few on the weekend,and in the same breath how they condemn marijuana use because…it’s a drug?
    The reality is that Marijuana does have legit uses.Pain management,nausea,depression( marijuana lifts and improves your mood and sharpens memory if used through out the day,in smaller doses,like
    one or two tokes 3 times each day)…
    Improves appetite,this would be *especially* beneficial for those young teens who suffer from anorexia.
    It will strengthen the economy as well,in the less obvious way,it will increase business for the food industry as it stimulates hunger quite a bit.
    Compare this to alcohol,and you have a drug that promotes crime,drunk unsafe driving,fights,murders,impulse thinking,bad choices and decisions,costs allot to the citizens as well because of these things,tears family’s apart,alcohol is probably either directly or indirectly the cause behind rapes/fights/murders/assaults/ and that sort of thing.On the other hand,I have *never** seen a single person get into a fight while under the influence of marijuana,I have seen a generally more positive outlook on life,harder working individuals,and allot of those people who apply themselves to help others,like volunteering at the food bank,or being involved in general with the community.

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