We can Blame John McCain for the Sarah Palin Menace

October 19, 2010

(ChattahBox Op/Ed) – The Hockey Mom is at it again.  Sarah Palin, former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and self appointed leader of the Tea Party and Grand Poo-bah of all things good and right started a bus tour this week leading up to Election Day on November 2, 2010 rallying all across the country to garner support for her self-anointed candidates.  How wonderful that she has the time and money to do such things.  And good for her that she hasn’t figured it out yet that the media enjoys the circus atmosphere she creates everywhere she goes.  I prefer that she stay ignorant to the fact that we are mostly still looking at her as a freak show than a serious contender, but as long as she wants to keep attacking and making an ass of herself, there will be media that are more than willing to lend a hand.Yesterday, as the traveling circus began, Palin gave a series of interviews that focused on many things, but the one thing I wanted to share with you is her warning to the leadership of the Republican Party.

The warning, in clear and angered tone is true to her “I love it when I am the center of attention heart”, is that if the Republican Party in its current form with its current leadership doesn’t embrace the Tea Party and their values, they are in real trouble and the Tea Party will take their victories on November 2 and take control of the Republican message and agenda.  So there!

She went on to warn the Republican “machine” that the Tea Party message is resonating with the following groups:  Independents, Moderates, and the Republican Right.  Interesting company, if I do say so and not necessarily a group I would lump together, but if Sarah says it’s true, well, heck, it must be.

Oh, and Sarah Palin has coined a new phrase that only women Tea Party candidates are allowed to use, and they have been using it liberally.  The phase is that everyone who doesn’t agree with them, including the Republican Party has to “man up.”  I’m not really sure what that means in the greater context in which it is being used, but it sure is clever, I guess.  I say I guess because Palin believes that what she says works.  She is convinced that when she does something people want to know about it and when she says something we want to hear about it.  What she doesn’t get is that what is really going on is simple.  Sarah Palin is that car accident that we can’t look away from even though we want to and the reasons are fairly uncomplicated; it’s because she is a car accident.

I do agree that Sarah Palin does get plenty of attention as she has since that fateful day that John McCain changed politics forever by naming her his running mate in 2008.  And if you want to blame someone, blame him for her birth. And what of John McCain? I wonder now, seriously, as he is the political parent of Sarah Palin, if that changes his view on the monster he has created? But McCain at least outwardly is pleased with his decision to this day, telling Nightline today:

“I haven’t seen anyone since Ronald Reagan that with certain individuals and large groups of individuals who really have this passionate belief and support for her,” he said, “It’s really a remarkable thing to observe.”

From that point forward it’s all about her and her ability to care less about reality, for what else would explain her appeal. I’m thrilled that Sarah Palin is a Republican.  She is the epitome of what happens when we let our children think they have power and then because we weren’t paying attention they end up becoming the monsters we promised we would never create.  We being Republican’s, of course.  And I am not a We in this case, just to be clear, not that I really needed to.

Sarah Palin is a national joke.  She actually believes what she says; I’ll give her credit for that.  She is just smart enough to know how to bum a ride (the Tea Party) when it’s offered and is just evil enough to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the Republican Party, the extreme right.  They also have a lot of money and have been throwing it at her and have made her the poster child for everything that is RIGHT in this country.

Sarah Palin was just smart enough know who butters her bread and is just dumb enough to not realize that the movement she is leading is creating a deep divide in the political tectonic plate.

I just find her irritating, period.

And just to prove that I hang with a diverse crowd of people I actually have friends that like Palin because they would like to bed her, so yeah, even I schlep from time to time.

Sarah Palin is what is wrong with politics today.  She has no clue how much harm she is causing and she doesn’t care.  This is a leader, and I use that words very loosely here, that quit her job to make more money.  Attacks the president just to make more money and is attacking her own political party, to, well, make more money.  Hey, I give her that much, she has made herself millions of dollars at the expense of the American Dream. If that’s not leadership, what is?


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