Sarah Palin Doesn’t Matter!

January 18, 2011

(Chattahbox Op/Ed News)  I was intent on writing today about the incredible waste of time the Republicans will begin expending starting with today’s legislative session as they seem hell bent on tackling issues that are better left untouched as they have not a snowball’s chance in hell of changing anything, but I will defer that for another day because the Republicans will continue to we waste time so this issues is not time sensitive.  Even though that is mostly true of the topic I did decide on, for today, I have been silent on Sarah Palin for months now but I have had enough of her insidious and insulting ways.

Sarah Palin in dangerous and inasmuch as she has certain appeal to a very small faction of the conservative base in this country and the idea that her appeal would ever give her enough street cred to actually hold a Federal office is not sensible thinking and certainly not comprehensible to the masses, and there is a profoundly good reason why.

As some would paint her as stupid and naive, nothing could be further from the truth.  Words like cruel, clever, sinister, greedy, and opportunistic are quite accurate and if she had any serious thoughts about running for the Presidency and actually winning she gave that reality up months ago.  She does however know exactly what she is doing and she is doing it extremely well.

Sarah Palin is slowly building a media empire.  She is in the beginning stages now of what will become a multimillion dollar enterprise that already is encompassing television, both as a pundit and as a reality television subject.  She has carefully built a speaking career that mandates the host of an event to pony up serious cash for the right to have her arrive.  She continues to force us to pay attention to her through her inflammatory speech and ongoing refusal to ever take back a single thing she says or apologize for a single offensive remark she has ever made.

She has also set herself up nicely as a victim of anyone who disagrees with her and she is smart enough to know that it is only her base she needs to appeal to.  Sadly too many under-informed people who get turned on by her only see what they want to see as it relates to the former Governor whose greatest accomplishment before being wrongly picked as Sen. John McCain’s running mate in 2008 was being a figure head for a small town in Alaska.

Some suggest Sarah Palin’s appeal to many women is just that:  she is a woman, good enough to many.  Men get turned on by her looks and if you think I am overly simplifying this think again.  Just go into a crowd at any public gathering in any major city and just randomly ask what people think about Sarah Palin.  You will find three camps. The minority camp is the Democrats or informed Republicans who see her for what she is and they will not have too much to say in the positive.  The second camp is the conservative activists that make up her base and love anything she says or does without question and are willing to defend her to the nth degree.  The largest camp though is the uninformed men and woman who just think she is pretty, hot or just plain awesome because she is so strong and brave.  The last camp is the scary people because they don’t read, they don’t watch the news, they have no frame of reference to what she says and they don’t for the most part vote.

We can stop with all the chatter about her having to be stopped because it is way too late for that and sorry folks but she has as much right to her opinion as anyone does.  Instead of working toward eliminating her from the public discussion you have the option to ignore her, educate others against what she spews or support someone who actually cares about the future of this country and is working hard toward responsible and progressive change, something she cares nothing about.

Sarah Palin is a printing press for cold hard cash.  She has found her niche and is happy as all get out that so many people are willing to throw their hard earned dollars to buy her book and attend her events.  She has no compunction about finding the fear that lives inside the uninformed and exploiting that to her own personal gain.  She is making money faster then even she can spend it and that is a tall order, if you recall her spending habits as a Vice Presidential candidate.

Is Sarah Palin a hate monger in my opinion?  Absolutely!  Is Sarah Palin a fear monger in my opinion?  Absolutely!  Is Sarah Palin stupid?  Absolutely not!  You aren’t getting one simple fact.  Sarah Palin doesn’t worry about consequences because she doesn’t have to.  She has no plans to be President in my opinion, but why tell us that as it would immediately take money off the table.  She would have to make such radical change to the methods she has employed since the election in 2008 that would immediately blow her cover. She is slappy happy to be who she is and where she is right here and now.  This is a wealthy woman who has nothing but bigger and better paychecks coming.

It won’t be long, if it isn’t already in the works, for her own nationally syndicated radio show.  Her presence on Fox News is certain to grow.  Her speaking fees will continue to increase and her book contracts are cash cows.  Why would she chuck all that for a chance to lose her power as she enjoys it today?

The greatest threat Sarah Palin is to this country is that she will continue to take money from people who can ill afford to support her, but they will.  Her rhetoric is offensive to most reasonable Republicans and very few offer any assistance in her defense at this point. She doesn’t care and doesn’t need them, now does she?

Her involvement in the national Tea Party movement, that I want to remind you is still much more regional than national, have been a match that was destined, but how long before even those activists realize that in order to effect real change you must have a leader who appeals to more than a scant minority of people who believe that hate wins.

The bad news is that Sarah Palin is not going anywhere.  The good news is if she continues on this path as she demonstrates daily that she will, we won’t have to worry about anything more than just ignoring her.

Tony Trupiano is a former national syndicated progressive radio talk show host, author, and a former candidate for Congress. He is also a nationally recognized media trainer.  He can be reached at and can read his Blog at


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