Jupiter, Moon and Venus in a Triangle

November 29, 2008

(ChattahBox) — In one of the most spectacular shows, sky-gazers will be able to view the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, forming a triangle with the moon. The show will get more spectacular as the three celestial bodies move even closer today and the whole scene is reaching towards its climax.

If there is clear sky, people will be able to see the three celestial bodies, right after the sunset. There will appear as two bright stars side by side with Venus being the brightest and Jupiter being the next brightest star. The trio will be closest on Sunday and Monday with the crescent moon joining them to form a triangle that can be eclipsed with a thumb held at an arm’s length. From Tuesday, the three will again start pulling away from each other and this scenario will not be again visible till March of 2012, but a situation as close as this will be visible only after 44 years in the year 2052.

The dance of these planets will look very close, but they will actually be miles apart. The moon is 252,000 miles away, Venus is 370 times farther than the moon, at 94 million miles and Jupiter is nearly six times as far away as Venus, at 540 million miles.

The whole event will be visible with the naked eye on Monday in the evening time around dusk.


15 Responses to “Jupiter, Moon and Venus in a Triangle”

  1. Ray Solomon on November 29th, 2008 2:47 pm

    On Thanksgiving evening around 4:30 pm, just before the sun was going down, I looked up to the sky as I always do every evening and I saw Venus and Jupiter shining brightly like white color diamonds through the partly cloudy southwest sky in daylight.

    I did not see the moon, but it could have easily been covered by clouds.

    Ray Solomon in Tempe, AZ

  2. Just some guy on November 29th, 2008 5:07 pm

    How do you tell which one is Jupiter and which is Venus?

  3. Ray Solomon on November 29th, 2008 6:48 pm

    I did not know which of the two planets were Jupiter or Venus at the time, but I found out 5-6 weeks ago that the planets were going to be visible around thanksgiving.

    This is not my first viewing of Jupiter and Venus, so I was very sure.
    I am into ameture astronomy as well.

  4. megan on November 29th, 2008 7:25 pm

    Venus is brighter than Jupiter and it is below Jupiter during this period at the end of November; that’s how to tell which is which. M 🙂

  5. Gerald on November 29th, 2008 10:52 pm

    isit visible all over usa for the whole day.???

  6. Just some guy on November 29th, 2008 11:31 pm

    Thanks Megan, now I just have to make these clouds to go away….

  7. jio on November 30th, 2008 6:43 am

    thanks for the information now i can see the planets very nice☺

  8. yoka on December 1st, 2008 7:27 pm

    what time will we be able to see it?

  9. admin on December 1st, 2008 8:12 pm

    You should be able to see it clearly tonight if it’s not cloudy out.

  10. Nabizad on December 1st, 2008 11:38 pm

    First time in my live seen the moon, jupiter and Venus triangle.It was fantastic
    Never seen like that before,and the ski was very clean and blue.I was looking
    for quite long time and it was very beautiful.

  11. michi on December 2nd, 2008 2:00 am

    does it mean something… when the moon and the 2 planets formed a triangle? does it speak or tell us or prophecy something? just wondering????

  12. Freddie on December 2nd, 2008 3:26 am

    Hello, and what a beautiful site to see…The same dancing of the stars took place if Im correct, In the year 2001. The night of Sept 10th going into the early am of the 11th…I live in Jersey City NJ… and the view i had that night was breath Taking…. It seemed so close to planet earth…IT FORMED A TRIANGLE SHAPE THAT LAYED FLAT IN THE SKY LIKE A POOL RACK. The area in which it sat over was lower manhattan in new york city…At least that how it looked from my view…The next day during the tragedies of 911. I stood on front porch in the same exact spot that i was in while watching the stars and the moon dance the night before. AND SUDDENLY I REALIZED THAT THE SETTING IN THE SKY THE NIGHT BEFORE HAD PLACED ITSELF RIGHT ABOVE THE TWIN TOWERS. I went back to the original location on my front porch and looked back in the sky through the same 2 tree branches. And sure enough it was right there….IM NO SCIENTIST, BUT I BELIEVE THAT THE STARS AND MOON HAVE A CONNECTION WITH LIFE ON EARTH.. I DID SOME RESEARCH AND DISCOVERED THAT IT WAS THE SIGN OF “CHANGE”. AND THE WORLD DID CHANGE ON THAT DAY.

  13. Blaine Cooper on December 2nd, 2008 6:31 pm

    I saw it all plain as day in prescott az, don’t know how you didnt see it in tempe, but we did have a perfectly clear sky here to, got a great pictrue and video of it.

  14. Tom Casa on December 4th, 2008 2:54 am

    Freddie, I’m sorry to say but that is the biggest BS I have ever heard! I too am very saddened of what had happen on 9/11 but the sign of change and the towers. Come on buddy… I live in NJ and did not see this triangle that you talk about. It was probably Laguardia airport with planes landing at that time.

  15. May Thinn Nwe on December 10th, 2008 12:57 pm

    venus is alittle bigger and brighter than jupiter. what about the portent for the world? is it good or bad, I would like to know.

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