Scientists To Attempt Creating The First Man Made Star

December 28, 2008

US (ChattahBox) – The secrets of nuclear fusion have long since been one of the holy grails of science. Now, it looks as though those mysteries may be revealed, as scientists have begun a project to create the first man made star.

The $1.2 billion dollar project conducted by the National Ignition Facility in California will use a mass-energy producing laser to attempt an explosion within a containment chamber that they hope will increase the original energy output by as much as ten times, proving that an artificial sun could provide a cure to all out fossil fuel ails.

“We are creating the conditions that exist inside the sun,” Ed Moses, the director of the facility, told reporters. “It is like tapping into the real solar energy as fusion is the source of all energy in the world. It is really exciting physics, but beyond that there are huge social, economic and global problems that it can help to solve.”

The project is stirring up excitement among the scientific community, and hopes are high that this will finally unlock the secrets that have been sought so long, and create a viable new solar source of energy to help with the environmental crisis.

The laser has been a dream eleven years in the making, and the experiments are set to be launched in the Spring.


8 Responses to “Scientists To Attempt Creating The First Man Made Star”

  1. satendra on December 29th, 2008 5:49 am

    i want to ask that :-we should go for a controlled nuclear fussion in stead of acheving the project of artificial sun ?
    by the way this fusion is give us the whole of the same partical and light as much as the orignal star contain ?

  2. Mike Harris on January 2nd, 2009 11:43 pm

    We achieved nuclear fusion – “created the first man made star” – in 1951. Furthermore, you can buy small (hand size) neutron generators which work via deuterium-tritium fusion. This is hardly a secret.

    We’ve even been able to do so in the laboratory. The trick is (a) to make the reaction self sustaining without blowing up your power plant, and (b) to get more energy out of the process than you put in.

    Even if these folks accomplish their goal, it will be decades before we see a working power plant. There are a lot of technical problems to overcome, not least of which is radioactivity due to neutron activation.

  3. oxentrot on January 3rd, 2009 4:49 am

    Hey now we’ll have 2 suns in our Milky-Way. I wonder if this will produce a binary-star soon after destroying it?

  4. John on January 3rd, 2009 4:30 pm

    Even if it takes centuries to actualy benefit from the technology, wouldn’t it be better to have it centuries from now instead of centuries from centuries from now? The fact is that we have to take risks eventualy, so why not now?

  5. Mike Harris on January 3rd, 2009 6:30 pm

    Indeed – let’s get on with it, but let’s not write breathless articles about the secrets of nuclear fusion and creating the first man-made star.

    Incidentally, for USD 1.2B you could construct about five shiny new, 4th generation, 4,000 megawatt, nuclear fission power plants.

  6. Josh on January 4th, 2009 4:10 am

    Dr. Octopus did this already in Spiderman 2… It may lead to glass flying to people’s faces and sentient mecha-arms! (Sorry, lost my train of thought)

  7. Chris on January 5th, 2009 2:02 pm

    Why can’t we just skip to the days where we have a Mr. Fusion installed on our cars and go our merry way?

    Josh, I saw Spiderman 2. Apparently we need to send the scientists a copy. This won’t end well.

  8. Pee Tear Griffin on January 6th, 2009 2:50 pm

    “Hey now we’ll have 2 suns in our Milky-Way. I wonder if this will produce a binary-star soon after destroying it?” – oxentrot

    There are millions of stars in the Milky Way…

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