New Breakthrough Study Exposes Obesity Hormone

January 12, 2009

California (ChattahBox) – A new study done by a research group at UC Berkeley has found what it believed to be the major contributing factor to human obesity, a hormone known as adipose-specific phospholipase A2 (AdPLA), which has shown that mice lacking the hormone are able to overeat without becoming obese.

The study was conducted with two separate groups of mice, one, a control group that lacked the hormone leptin (which is responsible for telling the body it is full), and one that lack both leptin and the AdPLA hormone. Both were fed portions of high-fat foods in a buffet spread, beginning at 3 weeks old, and lasting to approximately 64.

By 17 weeks, the mice (which at a normal weight would have weighed around 34 grams) showed two very different results. Those in the lepin-deficient group had grown to an average of 73.7 grams, while those missing both lepin and AdPLA weight just under 35, maintaining a much leaner body then the others.

AdPLA is located directly in the cells of fat tissue, and regulate how much excess fat is created, without increasing the number of fat cells developed. The number of AdPLA cells seems to be higher in most obese mice, which changes the way fat is broken down and stored.

“This means that local signals in fat tissue allow fat cells to directly regulate fuel provision for the body, which changes our fundamental understanding of how the body regulates fat breakdown,” Maryam Ahmadian, a research student on the project, explained.

“We found that mice deficient in AdPLA expend more energy than normal mice, and they also burn more fat directly within fat cells.”

It is hoped that this research will begin to have effects on the growing rate of obesity that is spreading across the world, quickly turning into an epidemic.

“We have discovered a new enzyme within fat cells that is a key regulator of fat metabolism and body weight, making it a promising target in the search for a treatment for human obesity,” Hei Sook Sul, the head investigator on the project told reporters.


One Response to “New Breakthrough Study Exposes Obesity Hormone”

  1. James Garrison on January 12th, 2009 5:13 pm

    I think the story has relevance, and i hope to lose my excess weight. I weigh 694lbs and im blogging the whole experience, all the way down to my goal of 300. Its glad to know that I’m not completely to blame.. althought i do take responsibility.


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