Scientists Claim Life in Venus’ Clouds: Asking NASA to Bring the Venusian Critters Back to Earth

March 23, 2009

(ChattahBox)—A recent report by US scientists published in the Journal of Astrobiology, claims life may exist in Venus, high in the clouds as tiny bacteria-like microbes, which may have survived over millennia by adapting to its harsh environment. Scientists speculate that life may have developed on the surface of Venus millions of years ago when it had an atmosphere that could more easily sustain life. As Venus developed into a smoldering hot planet with a deadly atmosphere of sulphuric acid, existing life may have found refuge in the clouds, which can theoretically support life with its lower temperatures and pressure, and even the existence of water in the form of concentrated sulphuric acid. Scientists want NASA to send out an unmanned space probe to collect some of the little Venusians in the cloud droplets, and take them back to Earth to study.

Scientists consider Venus as Earth’s sister planet, because they may have started off remarkably similar, taking different directions over the years that left earth with plenty of oxygen and water to sustain life, and Venus, closer to the sun, with dried up oceans, that boiled away, a hellishly hot climate and poisonous atmosphere. Early ocean life may have sucked up the large amount of primitive earth’s carbon dioxide, turning it into limestone.

Recently, Austrian scientists discovered tiny bacteria setting up housekeeping in Earth’s clouds. The same type of organisms could be living in the thick Venusian clouds. Scientists believe the high concentration of sulphuric acid in the Venusian clouds may actually act as a sunscreen blocking dangerous radiation and UV rays. As unbelievable as it may sound, the capacity for life forms to adapt and survive in any type of environment is well known. Scientists have discovered organisms living on earth in extreme acidic environments.

Scientists are hoping NASA will soon send out an exploratory probe, to prove once and for all, if life does indeed exist on Venus.


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