CO2 Emissions=Acidic Oceans=Catastrophic Climate Change

March 30, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Scientists at the recent Aspen Environment Forum, want the world to pay attention to the havoc, greenhouse gas emissions are wrecking on the world’s oceans, by increasing the acidic level of the oceans, which could completely wipe out coral reefs, causing catastrophic climate change. Scientists warn that all coral in the ocean could die-off by the middle of this century, unless we stop burning fossil fuel at current rates.

Scientists attending the forum, Ken Caldeira of Carnegie Institution, Martin Hoffert of New York University and Dawn Martin of SeaWeb banded together to call for more media attention to the problem affecting oceanic life forms, especially the coral reefs.

The oceans have been absorbing our planet’s CO2 that is released into the atmosphere from the dawn of time, providing our planet with an oxygen rich atmosphere suitable to sustain life. Now that delicate ecological balance may be in jeopardy, as we burn more fossil fuels than the oceans can absorb.

Over time, the oceans’ pH levels increase as they are overloaded with CO2 emissions. The result is, the coral reefs are unable to produce their skeletons. Other life forms under the ocean depend on the coral reefs to build their shells. If the coral reefs go, other oceanic life will die off as well.

The loss of the worldwide coral reefs can have unimagined consequences on the planet’s climate. Once the coral reefs are gone, it will be too late then to do anything about it.

The scientists are calling for drastic action to put a stop to fossil fuel burning and emissions. Scientists say that even if we stop burning fossil fuels immediately, it could take 10,000 years for the atmosphere to return to normal levels.



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