Dino Skeleton Found In Utah Offers New Details Into Their Evolution

July 15, 2009

Utah (ChattahBox) – The skeleton of a ‘pot-bellied’, plant-eating dinosaur has been found in Southern Utah, and is one of the most complete fossils of the specific type of dino ever found.

The creature is a Nothronychus graffami, which is believed to have been around 13-feet tall with a beak-like mouth that was perfect for eating leaves and other plants. It’s pot-belly contained a long and complex digestive track, which was necessary to slowly digest the plants it aid, and provide enough energy to power it’s massive frame.

The find has given researchers a new perspective on the evolution of predators and meat-eating dinosaurs.

“Before this we thought that plant-eating theropods like therizinosaurs were a rare occurrence. We knew they must have evolved from meat-eaters somewhere in their ancestry, but before our study it seemed like plant-eating was the exception not the norm for maniraptoran theropods,” lead researcher Lindsay Zanno was quoted as saying by Fox News.


2 Responses to “Dino Skeleton Found In Utah Offers New Details Into Their Evolution”

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  2. josh from america on July 16th, 2009 12:40 am

    In utah? God created the earth a few thousand years ago so there are no dinosaurs, get the story straight.

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