The Pill Helps Women Ditch the ‘Cad’ and Choose a ‘Dad’

October 7, 2009

(ChattahBox)—The birth control pill, first introduced in 1960, has helped liberate millions of women, affording women a greater sense of control and freedom over their bodies and family planning. But according to a new study, nearly fifty years of taking oral contraceptives may have caused a far-reaching biological change in the way women choose their mates.

And taking the pill, which prevents ovulation, may actually make women less sexually attractive to men.

The study was conducted by two British anthropologists using discarded data from previous studies, which looked into the relationship between a woman’s menstrual cycle and her choice of a mate. Researchers removed the data gleaned from women taking the pill, because it skewed the results.

But the two British researchers decided to compare the two groups, to see if women taking the birth control pills responded differently when presented with choices of mates. There were indeed differences and they were stark.

Since, the pill evens out a woman’s cycle using synthetic hormones of estrogen and progestin, she doesn’t experience a surge of hormones at the time of ovulation, which biologically draws her to the “hottest, sexiest guy in the room.”

Instead, a woman taking the pill is more apt to be drawn to less macho men, more suitable as long-term husbands and fathers. She will choose the dad over the cad, according to the study.

The previous studies on the mating preferences of women, showed that women not on the pill, tended to choose pictures of more masculine looking men at the height of their monthly fertility. Women’s physical appearances even change during ovulation, increasing their sex appeal. Their faces were found to become more symmetrical, their voices become huskier and they even dress more provocatively.

A study of lap dancers even found that they raked in more cash at the height of their fertility.

But women on the pill, tended to prefer men who looked more feminine. And they unfortunately, didn’t experience the boost in sexual attractiveness from a hormonal surge.

The researchers theorize that when women are not subjected to raging hormones, they choose men who may be more suitable as husbands.

Although the results of the study are certainly provocative, scientists don’t know what long-term impact the birth control pill may have on the human species as a whole.

Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of “Why Him? Why Her?” believes the change in mating preferences may be a positive one.

A cad may satisfy the needs of a woman in the throes of a hormonal surge, but a dad is more apt to stick around for a lifetime.



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