Heat Could Make Earth Uninhabitable By Year 2300

May 11, 2010

(ChattahBox) – A collaborative study between the University of New South Wales (Australia) and Purdue University (USA) has shown that climate change could make the world unlivable by humans by the year 2300.

According to Professor Steven Sherwood, the risk of continued fossil fuel burning could lead to a significant heat increase over the next three centuries, with the bulk of the change happening next century.

“It would begin to occur with global-mean warming of about seven degrees Celsius (13 Fahrenheit), calling the habitability of some regions into question. With 11-12 degrees Celsius warming, such regions would spread to encompass the majority of the human population as currently distributed,” the report said.

According to Sherwood, there is a shocking 50/50 chance of this.

“If this happens, our current worries about sea level rise, occasional heatwaves and bushfires, biodiversity loss and agricultural difficulties will pale into insignificance beside a major threat — as much as half the currently inhabited globe may simply become too hot for people to live there,” he said.



10 Responses to “Heat Could Make Earth Uninhabitable By Year 2300”

  1. Answerd Ramcharan on May 11th, 2010 4:31 pm

    My personal assessment as a student of geography. and my observation will contradict the prediction above. Much of the heat and materials which is the remains of a molten planet lies deep in the earth and has been spewing out and the earth is therefore cooling down. soon allthe heated material in the earth core will no longer be there. The earth will therefore be ‘lighter’ and gthe the gravity pull from the sun which keeps the earth in orbit will be reduced. The earth will then move out into an increasing bigger orbit away from the sun. As the earth moves away it will cools and the ice caps will get bigger and bigger. The shift in population will then takes place in the next century towards the equatatorial regions as the cold will be difficult to live in-not unhabitable.Present trends in increasing sea temperatures are temporary due to effects as the’el ninno’ .
    In 300 years we , as humans, should be able to find inhabitable planets which I believe exists but at considerable distances and need much faster spaceships.

    I wish I could be around to be there, but unfortunately modern medicine has not progressed much in the area of longitivity. We as humans need to also work on this area……alifespan of 200-300 years may be possible as some animals currently do….wannabeatortoise?

    Answerd Ramcharan

  2. Renata on May 11th, 2010 4:46 pm

    Let’s get the scientists to give us a better prediction of our daily weather forecasts before we trust them to tell us what is in store for the entire planet in 300 years. Quite frankly, has anyone gotten out of their ego boxes and figured out that maybe you can’t beat Mother Nature? Various species have died due to “natural” earth changes over time, like the extinction of dinosaurs due to an ice age. Now our earth is going into a possible high heat age, how much is it due to mankind and progressive technology or just Mother Nature’s way of changing or even renewing the planet? (which may not be necessarily for our benefit, but great for plant renewal long term). Thousands of years ago, the Nile region used to be tropical and engulfed in water, then receded and a new desert culture (the early Egyptians) sprang up. Yes, maybe some of the planet may become uninhabitable, just like what happens to other animals species over centuries; we are not immune, folks. Can’t fight Mother Nature, but our egos let us think we are special mammals that can. Like the dinosaur, maybe in a few centuries it is our time to go.

  3. Zman on May 11th, 2010 5:19 pm


    You realize that you are a total idiot, right? I am assuming you being so completely wrong was meant to be a joke. If it was, bravo, you got me to respond. If you were serious you must be studying geography in grade school and have access to your parents computer.

    The immense gravity of the earth causes the core of the earth to be hot and molten. Unless, the earth loses mass the center will continue being molten for a few more millions of years. It is true the earth is moving away from the sun, but it is at the pace of 1.5cm per year.

    Also, going from liquid to a solid does not make something lighter. Especially when it is the same material of equal mass with a incomprehensible pressure per square inch applied on its entire surface.

    Well I have never responded to a message before on a comments section of a irrelavent article that no one will probably remember tomorrow, and I wish I could punch you in the face just one time for being such a moron.

  4. Dan on May 11th, 2010 5:38 pm

    Umm, not sure you have your facts straight there Buzz.. The earth gets its inner heat not so much from when it was formed as from the gravity of other bodies around it pulling and pushing it warping its shape, Take a ball of putty and smoosh it around in your hand for awhile, then flatten and feel it, same thing basically. I dont really know the full plate tectonics mechanics, so I cant say much there.

    I do believe however that one plate being pushed under another should cause considerable heat, possibly even a volcanic eruption ot two. As far as running out of material, the hot material does eventually make its way to the surface, but the cooled material also gets melted down from tectonics I suppose. Kinda like a conveyor belt I guess you could say.

    I dont know whether this 300 yrs theory holds any truth either. I DO know that Im nowhere near intelligent enough to say either way. As for the planet getting lighter….. I dont really know what to say about that, I mean, are we losing rock?

    Maybe if we were side swiped by a planetoid size body we would lose some gravity, Im betting not so much since we owe a similar event for our moon. the gravity was still there apparently. I could be wrong on everything I just said. who knows maybe that Atlas guy really IS holding us up 😛

  5. olivia on May 11th, 2010 7:26 pm

    Renata – So…what are you saying? That because there is a chance that Mother Nature might kill us off anyway we shouldn’t at least try to improve our environment? I have never understood this argument. It doesn’t matter if Climate Change is real, or what it will do. The point is, the risk is too great to do nothing about. Besides, just from a logical point of view, mass consumption will one day lead to a lack of resources. We have to conserve and create, not destroy and overuse. Ego has nothing to do with it, common sense does. And yet, there are still people arguing against things like renewable energy and mandatory recycling. Unbelievable.

  6. Dan on May 11th, 2010 8:13 pm

    I agree with you to a point Renata, except for the ice age killing off dinosaurs, and the whole humans are not special mammals thing. As much as humility and responsibility should play a role in how we treat our world, to say we are not special mammals is inaccurate. How many fossilized dino cars have we found?

    Do you think that squirrels are online right now in their little nests just blogging away? I would love to see a falcon keep up with a jet, and a whale cant stay submerged for weeks at a time. We ARE special mammals. We are super intelligent beings, and that I believe is most likely going to be our ultimate downfall.

    If mother nature wants to get us first she better get moving. Like Stephen Hawking said, once we knew that E=MC2, we were living on borrowed time. Watch the news for a few minutes a night and you can pretty much see how things are already circling the drain. We SHOULD be actively seeking alternatives to our energy needs. We SHOULD be taking better care of the only world we have. I doubt very much that we will. Its always up to somebody else after all right? Sad.

    Oh and by the way, I’m not seeing much here in the way of ego, maybe I’m missing that. All Ive read here are other peoples thoughts on a real subject that just happens to be sans reality to date. Some day, of course our number is up. Speculation and opinion is not going to change that.

  7. JWF on May 11th, 2010 10:49 pm

    Why does all of this matter? We don’t have the technology or the brains to save ourselves and put humanity on a sane path towards real,lasting achievement anyways.

    What is the point of our existence? If life on our planet went extinct tomorrow, would it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Earth and the life on it is just another weird blip on the cosmic radar. Think about it…

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  10. Ruklew on May 15th, 2010 10:49 pm

    Excuse me for sticking to the topic. Earth uninhabitable within 300 years is such an unbelievable statement by a very intoxicated scientist with dementia or some kind of selfserving lie. The real question is, “Are literate people who read and believe unsupported statements by insignificant department employs trying for a slice of the manbearpig money, more intelligent or less intelligent , as a group, than all others in the world that can not read and do not care what an agenda driven government mouthpiece spouting propagada for pay has to say”.
    physic, not scientist, says the sun provides earths energy and heat making it the driver and all else simply results in certain sequences. Co2 is what is coming out of those mouthpieces as they speak,,,u know,,,the stuff life is made from. Maybe we could ban co2 forcing the nanorobots to kill all co2 emitters, animals, and under that senario it could happen in under 300 years and we got to be in on the start. ruklew

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