UK Scientists rolling out $1.40-per-gallon ‘Green’ Gasoiine

January 28, 2011

[ChattahBox News] – The cost of gasoline is a worry for many motorists, but a new fuel invented by researchers in England that costs just $1.40 a gallon and can run the car in your driveway with no alterations could be on sale at gas stations in less than five years.

Created by Cella Energy at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories in Oxford the new fuel is entirely synthetic and hydrogen-based, so it requires no imports, no offshore drilling, and produces no greenhouse gases or pollutants at all. And those in charge of the project are confident it will run most existing cars with no issues.

“We plan to begin testing it with vehicle manufacturers next year,” Stephen Voller, Cella’s boss told the Mail. “Then we’d have it available for public use in three to five years.”

The new fuel is so efficient, one tank will power an average car for 300-400 miles before any need to refuel. And Mr. Voller is certain drivers will not need to change their present car in any way to enjoy all the benefits.

“We’ve developed micro-beads that can be used in an existing gasoline engine to replace oil-based fuels,’ he told reporters. “Early indications show the beads can be used with no engine modification.”

The patented compound consists of ‘micro fibers’ 30-times thinner than a human hair, created by spinning two chemical compounds together using nanotechnology. The result is a soft, tissue-like material which is quite safe to handle.

And being hydrogen-based the new fuel creates no pollutants, making your current car as environmentally friendly as an electric vehicle, but without any drawbacks.

“In some senses hydrogen is the perfect fuel,” says Professor Stephen Bennington, leader of the scientific team who created the fuel. “It has three times more energy than gasoline per unit, and when it burns it produces nothing but water.”

Previous attempts to market hydrogen as a viable alternative involved storing it at very high pressure or very low temperature, both of which were expensive to do. The new fuel is wholly devoid of these issues;

“Our new storage materials offer the potential to run cars, planes and other vehicles on hydrogen, with little extra cost and no inconvenience to the driver,” the Professor explained.

Should it ever see daylight the new fuel would confer swift and perpetual freedom from our dependency on imports, the utter impossibility of another ‘Deepwater Horizon’ disaster, and environmental rewards that can only be guessed at. But the magnitude of the financial impact faced by the oil companies could kill the whole concept, or at least cause delays.

There is no firm date for introduction as yet, but there should be a great deal of well funded debate and resistance before that day arrives.


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