Florida Boat Accident Survivor Claims NFL Players Gave Up Hope and Were Swept Out To Sea?

March 4, 2009

Florida (ChattahBox) – As the Coast Guard ended its search for three men still missing after a boating accident, the one survivor found told police that they had allowed themselves to be taken to sea.

The horrific account given by Nick Schuyler, the only man found alive after the tragedy, was that a few hours after the boat they were riding capsized, one of the NFL players Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith, suddenly took off his life jacket, and allowed himself to be carried off to sea. A few hours later, the other followed.

After several more hours according to Schuyler’s account, the third missing man Will Bleakley, said that he saw a light, and he too took off his life jacket, attempting to swim towards it to get help, an action that many believe was prompted by a hallucination.

Ray Sanchez, Cooper’s cousin, said the Coast Guard told him the same thing, but cautioned against taking Schuyler’s story as gospel at this point.

“We’re not 100 percent sure where his head was at,” Sanchez said. “He’d been through a lot.”

Schuyler suffered from hypothermia and weakness, which could have affected his memory and thinking.


3 Responses to “Florida Boat Accident Survivor Claims NFL Players Gave Up Hope and Were Swept Out To Sea?”

  1. Kim on March 5th, 2009 9:54 am

    The man shown in the picture is Will Bleakley – who reportedly died during the ordeal – not Nick Schuyler, the sole survivor. All of the above were suffering from hypothermia and hallucinating, according to most reports, which contradicts the notion that any of these men simply gave up, as this story suggests. Now that Schuyler is in a better state, he reported that 24 hours after the other two men became separated from them, Bleakley began vomiting, became delusional and eventually quit breathing. Apparently he attempted CPR, but to no avail. Since Schuyler was being knocked off the boat repeateadly and trying desparately to hang on, there was nothing he could do but let go of his friend, who had already died.

  2. mrs castellanos on June 2nd, 2009 9:51 pm

    My thoughts and prayer goes out to the NFL parents and spouses. I too suffered a major lost on 7/8/07 when my son was knocked off the boat, was runned over by the propellers and left to drown. The driver Kenneth Hertzburn and the 10 other passengers didn’t call the police for over 35 minutes. Claim they never saw my son but never turned off the boat. Horrible, how can u leave a human being in the water to die. We need the news media and legislator to improve and enforce new boating laws. Mandatory boating classes for everyone that owns a boat, and most definately make boaters take a test to take out a license. everyone needs a license to drive a car and drive a motorcycle. Boats are just as dangerous and we need strong laws. Over drinking. And in this case they properly lack boating safety precautions which caused this accident . The one’s suffering are the family members, the wife, the kids, the parents. Please help us bring boating change to Florida we need your help to help save others.

  3. mrs castellanos on June 2nd, 2009 9:53 pm

    everyone got away with my son’s case. Osmany who was a lifeguard for Miam Dade County and an excellent swimmer died due to others neglegience.
    THIS child loved teaching children how to swim. It’s incredible that the driver was only given a misteninor he should of been jailed. Even my son’s best friend who was on the boat, who became a fireman for the City didn’t do much to save his life and he took college courses for it

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