WALL-E Xbox 360 Review

August 12, 2008

ChattahBox reviews<br /> Wall-E on the Xbox 360WALL-E

Xbox 360 Review
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Heavy Iron Studios
Players: 1
Released: June 24, 2008

This game is a take off of the recently released Disney/ Pixar movie by the same title. Games with this concept in the past have not done very well since they are attempting to service many different targets. This installation does not alter from this model, however that is not to say it does not deliver an enjoyable gaming experience.

For those familiar with the movie the premise of the single player mode game will be familiar, for those not familiar Wall-E follows the lovable little robot through a future world decimated by pollution, which was created by humans.

Wall-E is a service robot tasked with cleaning up the mess we left behind after years of abusing the land and moving on to outer space. From the first level we learn that Wall-E is the lone robot left working and his only friend is a little cockroach, if you were Oscar the Grouch…heaven, for the rest of us not so much.

After stumbling upon another form of life, a plant, and later the love of his life, Eve, a probe sent from space to find life, you and Wall-E must work together to save the planet.

This film and subsequent game do carry a good message about saving the planet which I think is valuable. As you progress though the levels you must collect “Wallups” which help to unlock various little goodies such as outfits for Wall-E and other multi-player game modes.

The multi-player modes leave something to be desired. The Robot Tag Simulation in my opinion was the only one worth spending time on and after the first two rounds I was done.

There are other landscapes on which you can unlock and play but once you have played one there is not much to go back for.

The graphics of the game are quality doing a good job of presenting what was seen in the film.

The gameplay I felt was a bit cumbersome, too much for my four year old to handle. A number of the stages were repeats of the same concept, dodging moving people in gliding chairs or avoiding certain robot death on moving escalators, for those familiar with the Seinfeld episode of “The Frogger”, George Costanza would have done well with this game. The levels of flying with Eve were difficult initially but once you got the hang of it fairly easy.

All in all I am not sure this game knew what it wanted to be, it has the lovable characters for the kids but the gameplay was a bit too advanced for the kiddies. The gameplay is challenging for experienced gamers and may hold the interest of some older kids but the concept of it being Wall-E they may never pick it up. Some of the scenes were an adventure others were a single player shooter, but neither was done exceedingly well.

Graphics: 8.0
The graphics are well done and mirror what we see in the film version.

Audio: 6.0
The audio was a bit boring and to be honest some of the voice-overs were a bit annoying, and I like Jeff Garlin! The redeeming value of the audio was the little beeps and sounds Wall-E made. Again this mirrors the film so not all credit belongs to the game.

Gameplay: 6.0
A number of repeated scenes and concepts and some of it difficult to learn.

Replay Value: 6.0
Short of a few goodies unlocking levels I don’t see the gamers coming back to get Wall-E new outfits.

Final Score: 6.3

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