Blitz The League II Xbox 360 Review

November 6, 2008

ChattahBox Blitz The League II Xbox 360 ReviewBlitz The League II

Xbox 360 Review
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway Entertainment
Released: 10/13/2008

Midway’s newest release Blitz The League follows up the original Blitz with a new and enhanced twist to a football video game. This game pretty much takes all the rules of the NFL and throws them out the window.

This game encourages the players to utilize performance enhancing drugs to build up your players. The hits are not restricted to a simple tackle, instead you can aim for certain parts of a players body with the intention of hurting them. Breaking an opponents arm, leg, etc is a part of the game here in Blitz.

As a matter of fact, to further the point of destruction in these games, the user will have something called a Clash meter which will measure the amount of destruction the player causes. As this builds so does the amount of destruction. Once it fills the player then moves into Unleased mode where the player will absolutely destroy anything in front of them.

For those familiar with the original, the game will seem very familiar to you, except that Midway has turned up the gameplay by about 10. The typical 7 on 7 gameplay and 30 yards to a first down encourage a high scoring affair that Blitz fans expect.

You can also play in campaign mode where it is almost a story mode where you can build up your player, his arsenal and such. While the single player stuff is good the real juice of the game comes from it’s multi-player modes and Xbox live moves where you can go head to head with an opponent online.

Blitz is a hard hitting football game that carries an arcade style to it, and builds and builds. Football purists will take issue with the game but this is beyond realistic to super ultra non realistic football. This is a game and should not be viewed as anything but that. It is a lot of fun to play the game and see how much destruction you can cause.

Graphics: 7.0 Visually the game is okay, there are some special effects such as slow motion which are very impressive.

Audio: 7.0 As with the visuals the audio is okay but as would be expected with a game like this over the top

Gameplay: 8.0 Better gameplay than the first go round, great pick-up-and-play style.

Replay Value: 8.0 The online play is very addictive, single player leaves a bit to  desire.

Final Score: 7.9

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