Proposal For New ‘Smart Card’ A Move To Future Efficiency?

December 12, 2008

Washington D.C. – While Obama’s plans to create jobs by putting billions of dollars into work on America’s infrastructure is causing a lot of excitement, other people are urging him to also place focus on the development of technology to help stabilize shaky areas of our economy and every day life. One method that is being proposed is the introduction of “smart cards”, where handed out to every citizen, they could help contain information that would make chaotic industries much more organized, as well as create revenue.

One of the main applications that it has been speculated that these cards could be used for are as a way of creating a new, better functioning healthcare system, where doctors and hospitals could more easily gain access to a patients medical history, both in cases of eliminating paperwork, and helping identifying patients who are in critical condition.

It is also being proposed that these cards be installed into cars to monitor speed, making it simpler to dole out tickets to people breaking laws in a more effective way then using cameras that sometimes manage to miss license plate numbers.

While the positive effects of using a “smart card” system are obvious, there is also a matter of privacy in an increasingly open world, as well as fears of identity theft, and heavily increased monitoring from the government were such a system put into place. For instance, this is a design already being implemented in several countries on a smaller scale, such as in Mexico where any assistance is dependent on the monitoring of a families children, and whether or not they are attending school as they should be, getting vaccinations, and staying out of trouble with the law.

“In this case, the card serves as a behavior-control mechanism, beyond simple payment administration,” says Dominique Trempont, former CEO Gemplus Corp, and a heavy supporter of “smart cards”.

This would certainly be a matter of alarm for many citizens from any political viewpoint, and so the pros and cons of the situation would have to be weighed carefully. No plans are currently in place for the creation of “smart cards”, but if they ever are it will be interesting to see the response of the American citizens, from all sides.


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