Homemade E-Bombs Could Bring Down Airplanes, Terrorism Experts Warn

April 2, 2009

(ChattahBox) — A frightening report in the New Scientist magazine warns that commercial airplanes are vulnerable to homemade electromagnetic pulse weapons, also called “e-bombs.” Yael Shahar, director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, Israel, believes aircraft can be brought down by e-bombs, made from readily available materials, such as components from digital cameras, using instructions available on the Internet.

A single microwave pulse, aimed at an airplane from the ground as it tries to land, or blasted from inside a plane can fry all of the plane’s electronics, with catastrophic results.

Both the U.S. and Russia have electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warheads that blast hundreds of electrical volts into the atmosphere, which disable electrical systems, from car electronics to public transit systems and anything containing a microchip.

Newer aircraft are particularly vulnerable, because of the use of carbon-reinforced fuselages, instead of metal, which are more susceptible to disruption from an electromagnetic pulse. Aircraft experts say newer planes should have some sort of metal shielding to protect them from e-bomb attacks.

It’s unlikely scientists say that a homemade device could be smuggled onto an airliner, because its size would be too large to conceal. It’s much more likely a terrorist would attempt to use an e-bomb device from the ground.

Governments are aware of the potential threat to aircraft from an e-bomb pulse and are taking steps to minimize the risk.


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  1. Marc Kahlberg on April 3rd, 2009 3:50 am

    Israeli American Company to Provide Knowledge and Information on the War against Terrorism to Policemen, Firemen and Paramedics

    American Israel Counter Terror Officers Organization is an American-Israeli company that was recently established, for providing knowledge and information that is open to “first responders” and businesspeople around the globe, and for helping terrorism victims in both countries. The company operates via a subscriber only website, the enrolment price being 55 dollars. Within its designated activity in the US, the company conducted a survey there, indicating that it has an immediate target audience of some 20 thousand persons there who expressed interest in purchasing a subscription for its website.

    The American Israel Counter Terror Officers Organization is headed by:
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    He states that the company is interested in providing open information to people who cannot reach it for economic reasons or simply do not have a chance to see the TV news. This includes the change in the character of international conflicts, the differences between local and international terrorism, Israel’s function in the war against global terrorism and the connection between the socioeconomic state and political state of global terrorism.

    Another objective of the company is the wish to help terrorism victims, by establishing mutual connections, information on caring for them in financial and moral terms and encouraging personal relations between them.

    Details on the heads of the American Israel Counter Terror Officers Organization:

    Marc Kahlberg recently retired from Israel’s police after more than 12 years of distinguished service and established SCAI International (Security Consulting and Advanced Implementations) on three continents. He is also the CEO of “M.K. International Security Consulting Ltd” and the Chairman of the American Israel Counter Terror Officers Organization.
    Marc served in many functions in the Israel Police. He helped in setting up and shaping a number of specialized units, and was twice awarded the prize for outstanding detective at the Police Studies Academy. Marc established and Commanded the tourist police in Netanya, Israel and served as a head of various detective units in Israel.
    Marc was the spokesman of the Israel Police to the foreign media and to “privileged” newspapers, including the New York Times, CNN, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, during Israel’s unilateral disengagement process from the Gaza Strip in 2005.
    Marc is active and involved in the security activity in the preparations for the FIFA Soccer World Cup, which will be held in South Africa in 2010.

    Jim Gort – used to supervise a counterterrorism and intelligence police unit in Southern Florida, as a Detective Sergeant. During this time, Jim was also sent to work with the joint counterterrorism task force JTTF of the FBI in Miami. He has been working in law enforcement since 1992, and before then served in the US Army as a military police officer in Germany and the Middle East. He trained with the German Police in counterterrorist efforts and worked with the Saudi and Kuwaiti police forces.
    Until this year, he was the CEO of SCAI International, an international security and training consultation company operating from the US only. Today he serves as a special consultant to MK International Security Consultation Ltd., Israel. Jim is the COO and a Director of the American Israel Counter Terror Officers Organization

    Yuval Shomroni – planned, among other things, communication and security systems at sensitive sites of the IDF, the Israel Prison Service, museums, seaports, The Israel Diamond Exchange and high sensitivity outdoor complexes in various countries in the world. He is the owner and manager of Studio Mor, which manages content sites and is a partner in Web ventures. Yuval is the CTO of the American Israel Counter Terror Officers Organization.

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