China Rants Against US, Clinton for ‘Double Standards’ on ‘Cyber Freedom’

January 25, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-The Chinese government and its state-run newspapers, have been engaged in a shrill hissy fit, since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rebuked China for its Internet censorship and cyber attacks against Google and other U.S. firms. After Clinton blasted China’s “information curtain” and called for a full investigation into China’s hacking and stealing of proprietary information from Google, newspaper editorials called Clinton’s attacks “baseless.” One angry editorial in The Global Times accused Clinton and the United States of “information imperialism.” And on Monday, a new wave of government editorials appeared in The People’s Daily, attacking Clinton’s “smart power” and accusing the U.S. of double standards. One particularly over-the-top editorial called “network freedom” only “an illusion” that the United States uses for “internet diplomacy” and for a cyber “battlefield.” The Chinese sure are a sensitive bunch.

Regarding the cyber attacks on Google by the Chinese government, the People’s Daily editorial declared that the United States hacked the Chinese search engine Baidu. And China flatly denied hacking Google and other U.S. firms:

“Accusation that the Chinese government participated in cyber attack, either in an explicit or inexplicit way, is groundless and aims to denigrate China. We firmly opposed to that,” said the spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The piece then pointed to restrictions on child porn and invasions of privacy made possible by The Patriot Act, as evidence that the U.S. also censors information.

“On the one hand, you take the rigid control of your cyber and, on the other hand, you ask other countries to establish the network of a free utopia type. So, this cannot but be called the continued application of double standards,” said the People’s Daily.

And taking the attacks one step further, an additional editorial claims that the U.S. employs the Internet for “naked political scheming” and employed “online warfare” to stir up unrest in Iran after last year’s fraudulent elections.

“Behind what America calls free speech is naked political scheming. How did the unrest after the Iranian election come about?” said the editorial. “It was because online warfare launched by America, via YouTube video and Twitter microblogging, spread rumours, created splits, stirred up and sowed discord between the followers of conservative reformist factions.”

Google announced it would cease censoring its search engine results and threatened to leave China, after discovering breaches of Gmail accounts of human rights activists from within China.

Expect these hysterical government editorials to continue, until the dispute with Google is either resolved , or the tech giant pulls up stakes and leaves China altogether.


2 Responses to “China Rants Against US, Clinton for ‘Double Standards’ on ‘Cyber Freedom’”

  1. The United States News | ... ... on January 25th, 2010 10:33 pm

    […] will not back away from Internet freedom push AFP China Rants Against US, Clinton for ‘Double Standards’ on ‘Cyber Freedom’ ChattahBox TransWorldNews (press release) all 5,855 news […]

  2. Rosie on January 26th, 2010 5:34 pm

    Hillary Clinton couldn’t even track her own husband, and she’s purporting to dictate to the world how to live and what to do? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Get real. She has the *balls* (literally) to stand up and pretend to fight Internet censorship when this post is being pulled off US and UK websites quicker than you can say “Monica Lewinski”?

    Do understand there are many American citizens that realize Clinton’s bizarre speech for what it is – a payback to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo for the large campaign contributions, pimping them out like a back alley hooker.

    Hillary Clinton hosted a Secretary of State dinner for Google not too long ago, spending tons of mental energy and taxpayers’ non-existent money on who’s allowed to see what, where and when online, when we’ve got a neighboring Nation experiencing the worst natural disaster in history shows the true colors of our current US leaders and what they are focusing on. No respect for the people and lives lost in Haiti, to stand up in the middle of it all with the “Clinton Doctrine” in the middle of that nightmare. God help us all.

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