Tired of Google’s Spying? A New Plugin Will Sound the Alarm

July 28, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Are you concerned about Google’s vast tracking reach that constantly monitors your personal browsing habits? The folks at F.A.T. (Free Art & Technology) have the answer. A nifty plugin called Google Alarm that buzzes every time Google grabs your personal information. Although the plugin can’t stop your browsing information from being transmitted to Google’s servers, the program offers a user an eye-opening tally of the vast number of websites that violate your privacy.

F.A.T. describes Google Alarm, as a way to stay alert to Google’s evil reach:

“Even outside Gmail and YouTube you are constantly sending Google your information through their vast network of “tracking bugs”: Google Analytics, Google AdSense, YouTube embeds, API calls… all of this data can be used to monitor & track your personal web browsing habits. Google Alarm shows notifications, plays sound effects and keeps running stats about the % of websites you’ve visit with Google bugs present. Stay alert.”

Mashable spoke to Google Alarm’s developer Jamie Wilkinson, who says he created the program to illustrate the frightening reach of the search engine giant. Wilkinson was inspired by F.A.T.’s F*ck Google Week in Berlin. And who wouldn’t be?

“Google Alarm and F*ck Google in general are meant to illustrate how this single unregulated company now captures more information about us than any government agency ever could. When I started developing Google Alarm I was blown away to discover that 80+% of websites I visit have some kind of Google tracking bugs on them,” said Wilkinson.

F.A.T. also developed the very popular Shaved Bieber plugin that “shaves away” any and all “unwanted Justin Bieber content” that interferes with your ability to enjoy the Internet.

A no-sound workplace friendly version of Google Alarm is also available. The notification alert is somewhat ear-splitting.


4 Responses to “Tired of Google’s Spying? A New Plugin Will Sound the Alarm”

  1. POED on July 30th, 2010 1:33 pm

    Sure idiot, we are going to trust you to stop google spying when you site is an adsense whore site. get lost.

  2. No_comment on October 31st, 2010 7:46 pm

    Yep i agree Google is now on 80% of sites in one form or another and are going to long lengths to track our every move and that includes the use of Ebay and Youtube.

    FireFox keeps sending Google data and you realy need to know what your doing to switch it off using the about:config pages.

    Google is now using AWT from javascript and from what i’ve read this allows them to view the contents of your clipperboard and is being used by google to extract values about the screen size of your monitor that google uses to track you after you have deleted your cookies, user data, flash cookies and turned DOM access off.

    I know more than most on this subject and even for me it’s just about imposible to stop Google and Co from knowing my moves and i’ve yet to come up with a answer for sites that use Google-Translate that cost a ton to run but it’s a price worth paying for Google just so they know what your reading, doing, thinking.

    If your tired of being watched then check out Scroogle.com and you can even use the HTTPS option to stop your ISP knowing what your looking for and HTTPS stops the referer string being sent to the sites you click on.

    it’s funney how our politicians sit on their bums when it comes to Google and makes me thing they have been paid off as usual.

    This page will soon become a 404 like most others that dare say a word about Google out in the open but goof luck anyway.

  3. GuhtaMuhta on November 18th, 2010 12:56 pm

    Google doesn’t say a damn thing about your privacy. they’re like honda, not thinking about the danger, but the over all improvement.

  4. Private on November 19th, 2010 6:51 pm

    Try this one out with your own IP address if you like
    or you can cut the /Gen_204 off to get a 304 reply
    Now many will already know that FireFox does a DNS lookup on HTTP links in a page, yeah all 200 if you don’t turn this DNS tracking feature off but have you noticed all them wiki links at the top of Google result pages ?????

    Now did you know that if you are using FireFox then Google has taken to downloading the first link returned in the results hidden in the background and that includes all the spyware links in the hidden page.

    Yes sounds like a joke but get yourself a copy of MS-Fiddler and see for yourself.

    i now use a custom ga.js to send google back false spy results and this just might help them to get the message and if more people do the same then google will return to playing little bro and not Big Bro.

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