Hey Politicians! Yeah, You….Can We Stop With The Damn Tweets Now?

August 16, 2010

(ChattahBox) – Twitter, Facebook, Myspace…everyone has a profile now. While this is just a general consequence of the increasing digital world, which seems to be a surreal version of our own floating in the expansive ocean of the World Wide Web, is it really one that has to pass from personal and corporate into political realms?

We have done several stories about politicians, former politicians, and especially wannabe politicians who rant or make gaffes on various social media sites. The latest two have been State Rep. Timothy Horrigan saying what many of us were already thinking, and Sarah “Can’t Have Enough Money” Palin giving us one of her weekly updates on the crap running through her head.

Now, I will get this right out of the way: with the above comments, I am obviously biased. As this is a Left-leaning news blog, and not an unbiased media source, I am just as entitled to comment on what I do and don’t agree with as the people making the statements are at opening their mouths.

What it is I am upset about here is the very existence of the accounts to begin with, not what is being said on them.

Politicians, we understand that you can use a computer. You are already way ahead of the late Senator Ted Stevens, who was allegedly supposed to be in charge of regulating the Internet, and yet thought that it was a series of tubes in which emails could clog.

I know that the world will lash out and say that you are still people, and you deserve to have everything that normal people do. But, you aren’t. You are not normal people, you are people who are attempting to lead normal people! This is so far from the same thing that I don’t know where to begin.

You have a certain power to influence the country, to change minds, hearts, and lives. You take the perks of this position in every way you possibly can, often in a rather unethical way (I’m looking at you, Sarah), and you are usually allowed to get away with it. Even I am willing to look the other way from time to time, because we have all come to accept that politicians are borderline Sociopaths who only go into the field because they want to be the puppet master.

But when you take this on, you are making a choice. That choice is to live your life to a different standard, and that means giving a few things up. I think that Social Networking should absolutely be one them, especially considering you never actually seem to have anything of relevance to say.

I also think this should include sending emails, since half of what comes out of the GOP seems to be racist forwards, and visiting sites like Craigslist, because you all have got to be meeting the cheap hookers somewhere. And don’t think I am excluding you, Dems. I think you just need to stay off the Internet altogether.

We, as a people, don’t ask for much. But you, as politicians, seem to want to have it all.

Close the damn Twitter and Facebook accounts, stop trying to act like every day people, and if you can’t take it, drop out of the political game now.

Oh, and Sarah? Please, please if you have something to rant about, trying using an actual outlet to do it, like a media blog or editorial. Please, prove the theory that you are an idiot wrong, just once. John Kerry posted an eloquent defense of immigration reform on Politico, and you posted questions to President Obama about the mosque near Ground Zero via Tweets.

Come on, now.


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