The Rise of Technology in the Office

June 20, 2017

Very few businesses still use traditional methods when technology offers a quicker, and much smoother, alternative. Keeping your business efficient, your employees productive and profits rising, is the goal of many businesses, and so, ensuring your company invests in the best and most innovative tech is a must.

The use of technology in the office is increasing at a considerable rate. However, there are companies who persist with old-fashioned methods. Converting to a more tech-based office lifestyle can considerably better your company. Here’s how.


Technology such as Dropbox makes a more organized desktop. All of your company’s files and documentation will be stored in the cloud, so every employee can find, read, edit and amend a document without having to ask for the specific up-to-date file. This will shorten the time spent searching for documents, and it will make your employees happier; instead of wasting their time and efforts on searching for files, it’s already there, neatly stored on the company’s Dropbox. Disorganization will only stunt your company’s growth and profit.


The cloud and the internet means employees no longer have to be in-house. Instead, freelancers can be hired for one off tasks, or for ongoing work. Full-time employees who are unable to commute to the office can also work from home. However, keeping a line of communication between these individuals is vital.

Skype offers instant messaging, free over-the-web phone calls and video chat. This means you can ask questions instantly, or see them if you need to have an in-depth conversation. Strong lines of communication will improve the moods of your out of office employees, boost morale, and lessen the chance of slip-ups. If questions need to be answered, sending a quick instant message or giving them a call means a quick answer.

Customer Service

Customer service has only excelled thanks to technology. Through social media, you can speak to your customers, listen to their reviews, complaints and praises, and promote a brand which customers relate to and trust. Although, eCommerce has also excelled the company-customer bond, B2B SAP Customer Portals from Weaveability allows your customers to interact with your products/services through a web-based order entry system, place orders 24/7, and view customized catalogs. Improving a customer’s convenience will only improve your customer’s mood, and better your company’s service.


Employee productivity can decrease: everyone has a bad day. However, implementing the right technology into an employee’s work routine can boost their productivity as usual annoyances, such as tedious means of completing business processes, are eliminated or greatly lessened. For example, for an editor, reading high-volumes of articles can become sore on the eyes, and the possibility of missing a misplaced comma may rise. Add-ons such as Grammarly makes catching these minimal mistakes easier; meaning, an editor’s time can be better spent ironing out clumsy sentence structures to ensure the content is fit for publication.

Bringing technology into the office can greatly improve your company’s efficiency. Many individuals incorporate tech into their everyday life outside of work, and so, working without these technology extras can cause frustrations, dampen morale and lessen productivity.


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