Top Internet Security Tips For 2017

August 4, 2017

When you start using the Google search engine, you may feel protected and that the Internet is safe. But remember that your password is never as safe as you think, that someone with bad intentions might actually sneak onto your computer or phone if you visit unsafe pages on the internet.

There are plenty of recommendations that can be made in every area of ​​our online life, whether using email to work or social networks to comment on the TV. And although we review in depth our online use, something that helps a lot the guide launched by the Organization of Consumers and Users in alliance with Google itself, sometimes it is enough with general measures to greatly improve security.

Configure WPA2 protection on your router

This sounds complicated, and perhaps it is the rarest of all this list, because it implies accessing the router and changing things. Although the vast majority of Internet connections, both ADSL and optical fiber, use WPA2-PSK protection, it is possible that if you have the same Internet provider for years, you still have WPA or WPA protection.

To improve the connection, it is probably best to call the customer service number of your Internet company and ask them to help you in the process, because it varies greatly depending on the router you use.

Although it is always possible to sneak into WPA2 networks with sufficient effort, it is more complicated than doing it in WEP, so you have to change it almost obligatorily if you are concerned about the security of your connection.

Have good passwords in your user accounts

To have good passwords that are never forgotten, it is best to use several mnemonic tricks, but unite disparate and varied elements.

It is important to remember that it is not worth having a single strong password, but a variety of them united by a common link, be it your passion for cars and the different manufactures that make them, cutting edge technology news or first generation Pokémon.

Enable 2-step verification wherever possible

2-step verification is a fantastic high tech security measure that requires a couple of devices to access your user accounts. When activated, it is necessary to use a code sent to your mobile, by SMS or through an app, to access that user account in which you log in from the computer.

It may be less practical than just logging in. However, if someone ever gets your password, they will not be able to access anything because they would not have the code that you need to enter and that has come to you on your mobile. Not only does it make access more secure, it also warns you if someone has slipped in somewhere, then access you and change the password.


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