Child’s Remains Near Home Appear to be Caylee Anthony

December 11, 2008

(ChattahBox) — Authorities have found the skeletal remains of a small child near the Orlando home of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony. Orange County deputies said a meter reader found the remains of a young child this morning in the area of S. Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Drive — less than 1/4 mile from the Anthonys’ home on Hopespring Drive.

Police Capt. Angelo Nieves said that the skeletal remains found in a plastic bag appeared consistent with those of a young child. EquuSearch’s leader said sheriff’s office investigator thinks the remains found today belong to missing toddler Caylee Marie Anthony.  Tim Miller, the founder and director of EquuSearch, said the remains “appear to be Caylee, but with any case, we have to wait until a positive ID is made.” The first thing medical examiners will do is compare photos of the child with the skull, in hopes of making a bone structure comparison. In high-profile cases the DNA of the bones will also be tested.

Asked about the distance from the site where the remains were found to Casey Anthony’s parents’ home, sheriff’s office spokesman Jim Solomons said it would be “very safe to say it’s in very close proximity.”  The area where the remains were found is “really wet and steep and there’s lots of snakes back there.”

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, 22, was charged after waiting five weeks to report her daughter missing. Casey maintained that she left Caylee with a babysitter at an Orlando apartment on June 9 and that the sitter abducted her. But according to authorities, that apartment had been vacant since February.

Anthony was indicted in October on first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and four counts of providing false information to law enforcement.  Anthony is being held without bail at the Orange County Jail.  Cindy and George Anthony have insisted that their granddaughter is alive.


7 Responses to “Child’s Remains Near Home Appear to be Caylee Anthony”

  1. Cinde Lee on December 11th, 2008 8:58 pm

    Thank you NANCY for staying on top of this story from day one! You never gave up on precious Caylee and we all thank you for that. The Anthony’s may have made a comment about you last night on Larry King, just know we were all behind you, as you were for Caylee, and never met her. We all know how precious you are, and would stand up for us if we were hurt or missing and let us all thank you ahead of time, for that kindness….and if Caylee could thank you, I bet she is in heaven thanking you now. Bless you and your wonderful family.

  2. wilma cox on December 12th, 2008 12:54 am

    First let me say you are a very strong woman. This story touched my heart I am 44 could never have children and for her to disgarde that angel as trash. Just shows where we are in this world. Hell will not be a party for MISS SEX ADDICT.
    I fill sorry for George he is a good man. Keep up the good work Nancy and your Angel’s are Beautiful. God be with the helpless children. Wilma of Tennessee

  3. Juanjita Bosmeny on December 12th, 2008 1:22 am


  4. Marie on December 12th, 2008 3:41 am

    Nancy, you are one of the greatest!!! Thank you for for keeping Caylee on the minds & in the hearts of all. Your perserverence has paid off so little Caylee can now rest in peace. And thanks goes also to all the Media who stayed so villangently on this case, and of course LP , TM, and all the reporters & producers & camera people and not forgetting the great job done by all law enforcment. And last but not least thanks to all of the people out here who have prayed for 5 months to put the little angel to rest. Now it is time for Cindy & George & Lee to step up to the plate & STOP enableing Casey to continue this charade. Justice WILL be done no matter how much she continues to lie . So although we feel for the family, they continue to help Casey with her lies my sympathy is slim. I hope they now have woke up and realized that Casey has destroyed the union they had as family. They lost a beautiful little soul & have no one to blame but Casey, so PLEASE CINDY & GEORGE wake up!!!! Let her pay in full !!!! STOP>>>> walking on eggshells with her, she’s a horrible excuse for a human being. I hope the DP is put back on so all of us don’t have to pay for her living it up in jail for the next 60 years or so.She cried today… BECAUSE she got caught!!! She cried for herself..not Caylee.

  5. Tracy on December 12th, 2008 5:49 am

    The compassion I have for the Anthony’s can only run so deep. No, I cannot imagine the overwhelming emotions or reactions that I would face with the loss of a grandchild and a child at the same time. I cannot imagine what it is like to be in their shoes every single day while being tormented, stalked and hated. I cannot imagine being afraid of going to the grocery store for fear of people throwing stones at me or staring me down. I cannot imagine how hope must be the only thing to keep me going and no one else in the world has that same hope and faith of finding my granddaughter alive.
    I also can’t imagine how they allow their daughter Casey to continue to have control over them, the way that she does. Do the Anthony’s not realize that they are finally in a position to have control over Casey for once?
    They are hurting their daughter much more than they can even imagine. George and Cindy Anthony have created a monster by spoiling her, allowing her to control them and allowing Casey to think that Casey is God’s gift to this earth. By doing this and raising her this way. They have created a monster. A monster which is not much different than any other cold blooded murderer. Not only did they create a monster, they continue to feed this monster, even with all that has been brought to light.
    In the Anthony’s eyes, Casey hung the moon and Casey can do NO wrong and what Casey say’s overwrites the Ten Commandments. They would probably not even believe God himself, if he came down today and told them what happened and showed them how it happened.
    The Anthony’s still don’t get it. They are doing Casey much more harm than good by continuing to allow Casey to be the puppeteer even after their granddaughter has been murdered. Casey will more than likely face certain death now.
    Had the Anthony’s had the balls to play “tough love” by looking into their daughter in the eyes and saying “I do not believe this garbage any more, and you will lose my support forever unless you start telling me the truth” then, they may have gotten the truth out of her. It would have been much less of a circus this way and they could have convinced their daughter to co-operate with police, possibly sparing her life in the long run.
    Now that law enforcement has a body, and Casey has failed to co-operate with authorities, it seems as though the prosecution could very easily put the death penalty back on the table.
    What will Cindy and George do then?
    No, I am not in their shoes nor was I raised to believe that something as heinous as a murder of a child could ever be justified or forgiven. Caylee was pure, innocent, precious, affectionate, loving and defenseless child. Casey is a selfish, intimidating bully, cold hearted, calculating, manipulative, unappreciative, and deceitful and ….more than likely a murderer as well. How can you continue to defend that monster and not seek justice for the innocent child? Perhaps I am an evil individual, but I don’t believe that there is enough love in my heart to forgive my daughter if she killed my innocent baby. I know that we will all meet our maker when the time comes. I know that only God has the right to Judge, but while on Earth that is not the case. We have to protect and provide justice for the innocent and punish the guilty.
    The very idea, that the Anthony’s don’t and won’t even entertain the possibility that their daughter could be the monster, is just repulsive.
    What kind of example would we set for our society if we were to allow murderers to walk free because we love our child too much to watch her go to jail of face the death penalty?
    Cindy and George lost two family members in one event. I understand that, but they don’t. Casey is gone. Casey made her own bed and the Anthony’s sat idly by and watched as she did it. All indications showed that Casey was NOT a responsible parent. There was no intervention.
    They cannot save Casey. It is far too late for that. They cannot save Caylee it’s far too late for that too. What is done is done. The Anthony’s cannot change what wrongs they have done but they can change tomorrow. It is never too late to start doing the right thing. When the Anthony’s stop enabling Casey. They will discover the truth. The Anthony’s make it so easy for Casey to lie. Have you watched the jailhouse videos? They feed into Casey’s garbage and riddles. It’s not a game, so why are they playing the game with her?
    I wonder if the Anthony’s will ever come to terms or believe the facts and evidence.
    The Anthony’s really repulse me because of their contradictory statements, their inability to think on their own without Casey’s thoughts influencing them, their denial and refusal to believe evidence, their attempts to obstruct justice, and the worst of all , the most unacceptable and unforgivable worst thing the Anthony’s have done to date……THE FAÇADE. Exploiting Caylee’s missing status by to try to defend their daughter in the media!
    The Anthony’s newest slogan this week is “We won’t turn our back on Caylee”. They said this on Dec 10, 2008 on Larry King the day before the skeletal remains were found. Only time will tell if these words will ring true, but it seems to me that the Anthony’s turned their backs on Caylee long time ago.
    Not knowing where my granddaughter is would kill me. The thought, the very real possibility, of my granddaughter lying in the woods somewhere having animals drag her off, in a dumpster somewhere, in a lake or river to be eaten by alligators or any other possibility otherwise would give me night terrors. I would have to lay my beautiful angel to rest in peace not pieces. I would beg everyone to search everywhere, leave no stone unturned! Whether people were searching for her alive or dead, I would just be grateful that people were dedicating their spare time and resources searching. I would be seeking closure, the truth. The Anthony’s create more of a circus then the media outlets. I feel as though they thrive on the exposure and for the wrong reasons.
    The Anthony’s gripe about the media sensationalism, yet they are the stars, producers, writers, directors and the “stand-ins” of their own reality show. When I see them outside their home, I patiently await Jerry Springer’s body guards to make their appearance break up a fight. I am surprised that they are not signing autographs or selling yard space for local business advertisements.
    The Anthony’s have all made their beds and want to complain about lying in it. It is always someone else’s fault. The Anthony’s have spun just as many lies and have changed their stories just as many times as Casey herself! In this case the old saying is correct. ” The apple does not fall to far from the tree.” Casey is certainly a product of George and Cindy Anthony!
    I think the Anthony’s need professional mental help, long term. Until the Anthony’s receive that help, I would prefer not to ever hear another word from their mouths!
    ATTENTION MEDIA OUTLETS: Please stop interviewing these IDIOTS!
    I don’t mind the coverage of the case, but the Anthony’s three ring circus interviews have to STOP!
    If the media must interview the Anthony’s, why couldn’t they do one last interview after the trial?
    Please spare us!

  6. Patti on December 12th, 2008 7:12 am

    Hi Nancy…

    I watch your program faithfully and want to thank you for this opportunity, that we, the public, can share our thoughts and views…Concerning the Anthony case; one caller last night asked if the prosecution could now seek the death penalty, if these remains are in deed that of Caylee Anthony and I understood that they could. Personally, I think life without the possibility of parole is a more fitting punishment…Also, one of your guests stated that quite possibly the defense will now look into an insanity plea for Casey…

    I can only hope that once this case goes to trial (and the plea is insanity) that the jurors will use their intellect and common sense and convict this narcissistic, sociopathic monster of premeditated murder…

    As for George and Cindy…I think George needs a backbone and mental health therapy…Cindy needs to face charges of obstruction of justice, perjury and both of them need to be under a GAG order!

    I can not believe these two liars are going to be on Larry King again! In the very beginning, I had much empathy and compassion for them; however, their own words and actions have convinced me that no mercy should be shown to them.
    Caylee should have been their first and only concern–instead the enabling of their lying, manipulating daughter continued…This poor little innocent child was a victim of all of them! It’s apparent to me, that Casey is a result of both
    her dysfunctional parents…

    I believe that this precious little angel, Caylee now rests with all of God’s Angels…And that He saved her from a fate worse than death…

    May He Bless you too, Nancy and your family….

  7. amwh on December 22nd, 2008 9:44 pm

    George is so emasculated – he is pathetic. He should “strap on a set” and leave his crazy wife. I don’t want to hear about how “people grieve differently.” Between Lee, Cindy, George and Casey I never once saw real GRIEF. Cindy is the reason for the nuttiness in that family – she can congratulate herself for raising a sociopath.

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