New Measure Forces Sex Offenders To Hand Over Passwords

December 31, 2008

Georgia (ChattahBox) – Georgia officials have just passed a new piece of legislation that will force convicted sex offenders to hand over all email addresses, screen names, and passwords. The new measure is part of the long since passed 2006 sex offender registry laws, although this is the first state to force this level of cooperation from people who have been convicted of sex crimes against children.

While the number of supporters are greater then those who dissent, there are many privacy advocates who say the new law goes to far, in a system that already requires most states to publicize personal details on these criminals, such as addresses and the nature of their crimes.

But State Senator Cecil Staton (R-Georgia) disagrees, saying that this measure will protect children online, and that the potential to keep kids safe ‘outweighs a lot of the rights of these individuals.’

“We limit where they can live, we make their information available on the Internet. To some degree, we do invade their privacy,” Staton told reporters. “But the feeling is, they have forfeited, to some degree, some privacy rights.”
But even with something as extreme as forcing all sex offenders to hand over their Internet passwords, officials admit that it wouldn’t be hard for them to find ways around these new laws. But Staton is unconcerned.

“My hunch is, where there’s a will, there’s a way,” he said. “If people are intent on violating this law, there are many different ways. What’s important is we have given law enforcement a tool.”


One Response to “New Measure Forces Sex Offenders To Hand Over Passwords”

  1. SexOffenderIssues on December 31st, 2008 6:18 pm

    How does forcing sex offenders, against their will, to give up passwords, going to protect anybody? I can understand email addresses, but passwords?

    You can bet, there WILL be law suits about this invasion of privacy. This is just their way of performing searches without just cause or a warrant, more eradication of peoples rights.

    We are slowly sliding towards a communist dictatorship, in the name of the children, or for “security,” but we know, more violation of your rights are coming, mark my words on that.

    We never learn from history. And maybe you folks should read the Constitution and Bill of Rights some time, and see what they are eradicating. Our country was based on this document, and our country is slowly dying…

    Wake up folks, before they come for you, and they will, it’s just a matter of time.

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