Little Hitler’s Mom Speaks Out Defying Court Gag Order (Video)

January 21, 2009

(ChattahBox) — About a week ago, the state of New Jersey took Deborah Campbell’s three children, Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 1, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, who will turn 1 in April out of their home and turned them over to Child Protective Services for reasons unspecified. Deborah decided to break a judges gag order (video after the break) and spoke to a reporter about the families ordeal and make a public plea for the return of her children. The Campbell’s three children were dropped into the center of a media firestorm last December when they asked a grocery store in Greenwich, N.J., to write “Adolf Hitler” on their son’s birthday cake. The store refused, saying it was inappropriate. The store refused to give an apology when the parents demanded one. A local Wal-Mart ended up honoring their request.

Deborah told NBC Philadelphia that she thinks the reason her children were taken has to do with the fact that she gave her kids their controversial names, and defiantely says she will never change the Nazi-inspired names of her children. Deborah still swears they aren’t part of the Aryan Nation even though their kids have the names they have and her husband Heath has a Swastika tattoo. She says in her defense that protective services has not given her a specific reason for removing the kids only saying, “They felt the children were in danger for their lives. They didn’t say physically, mentally…nothing like that. The names, I believe are the problems. But they just don’t want to come out and say that.”

Jeanne Coverdale, the kid’s aunt, offered an analogy to people who feel the names are in bad taste.

“What about tomorrow night when the President of the United States stands up and say, is forced to say, my name is Barack Hussein Obama. How’s that going to hit the world?” Coverdale said. “I’m saying the one with the middle name he has, was a terrorist.”

Coverdale says it’s “no different” than having a name like Adolf Hitler.

Anyway it seems like the kids won’t have a home to come back to anyway. Their landlord is booting the family onto the curb (the lease expired in November) because he overheard one of the Campbells’ relatives threatening to firebomb their house during an argument. He told the NY Times there was lots of arguing and the kids played late into the night but that they paid their rent and kept their place clean, but “enough is enough.”

While on their way to court at around 10 AM a few days ago, they were pulled over by a cop. Deborah says the cop called her husband the “Nazi guy” and made him take a sobriety test because he smelled booze in the car. But the booze didn’t come from him, it came from Little Adolf Hitler’s grandma who was wasted in the backseat. They were ticketed for repairs their car needed and sent on their merry way.

What makes matters worse is Grandma was going to court with them, because she was going to try to convince the court to release the kids to her if the parents couldn’t get custody back. And here she was drunk at 10 in the morning!

While the Campbells do a pretty good job of making protective services’ case against them stronger with their every word and action, they say even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. Somehow it occurred to Deborah to make a public plea for an attorney to help them fight to bring the children home.

“We would like you to please help us get my three innocent children back.”

Likely the plea will work and some high profile lawyer will be racing in to get some publicity and protect the Campbell’s against the state with a big fat lawsuit.


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