Rant: The Right Wing Scare Tactics On Comparative Research

February 18, 2009

US (ChattahBox) – As the stimulus bill comes into effect, already portions are being attacked, and many who see the benefits of certain elements, such as the “Comparative Effectiveness Research” bill, are standing up to tell the far-right to stuff it.

It may seem like an overly aggressive approach to debate, but after years of misinformation being thrown about in the Bush Administration, and medicine becoming a forum for ideology, one can’t help but get a tiny bit irked when we see far-right Republicans standing before the American people, and calling the new Comparative Effectiveness Research bill ‘Soviet-like’.

Come on, people, use your common sense. The stimulus bill has a statement right at the beginning that states the government is not allowed to make any decisions based on the healthcare of Americans, and that no research will be allowed to effect coverage. More or less, they are footing the bill for research medical companies to find out more about the cheapest, and most effective medical treatments, which will benefit you and your family.

The problem here is that far-right politicians, media heads, and anyone with any access to the spotlight is always more then happy to jump up and start screaming ‘Communism’ at the slightest provocation. There is no just cause, it’s a scare tactic, and there is nothing to back it up, and yet we are expected to halt a potentially life-saving, and certainly money-saving, measure because they say it will turn us into some kind of police state?

For example, according to Senator Tom Coburn (R-Ok), “This bill lays the groundwork for a Soviet-style Federal Health Board, that will put bureaucrats and politicians in charge of our nation’s health care system.” This is coming from a doctor!

Thank God this is one of the country’s minorities in the political system. If only they didn’t shout the loudest.


One Response to “Rant: The Right Wing Scare Tactics On Comparative Research”

  1. osakr on February 18th, 2009 8:37 pm

    We have to remember that these very same idiologs are the ones that gave us and supported GWB for 8 years and are the same that said that the economy was just fine. They have systematically destroyed American science in the eyes of the world. Politicizing our institutions can actually be compared to communist tactics for sake of political take over. But they don’t see that. We can also assume that they are the descendents of the crowd that gave us the Inquisition and eager to use the stake and the rack for anyone who disagrees. Sorta like a Christian Taliban of the day with Cheney as the head Mullah.
    Then I look at your web site and see the Pit Bull Bitch of the extreme right( ne. Anne Coulter) trying to sell me her intellectual garbage. Here is one despicable excuse for a human being trying to work the system. She is their virgin queen no doubt.
    I end this because I have to gag.

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