Nadia Sulman and her mom face-off over decision to have more babies (Video)

February 24, 2009

RadarOnline shot a 30-minute face off between Nadia Suleman and her tortured mother Angela who is living in the same house with the soon to be 14 children. They really should have saved this performance and used it on Maury instead and got paid big.

The highlights are, Angela, denounces her daughter for having 8 IVF babies. Saying what most of us have been thinking Angela tells her daughter: “I will never understand. You should have considered your other six children.

“Nadia screams at her mom, “I’m not going to destroy the embryos, period. Done, done, done. You can’t go back and alter the past.”

When Angela tells her that she didn’t have to do anything with the frozen embryos, Nadia responds, “They were lives. You either use them or destroy them.”

Well at least now perhaps the Fundamentalist Christians might get behind her?


2 Responses to “Nadia Sulman and her mom face-off over decision to have more babies (Video)”

  1. Beatrice Henderson on March 14th, 2009 8:37 pm

    I believe that the press and the world need to get off this woman’s back. For crying out loud she brought 8 beautiful babies into this world. The fact is she could of died or had complications, or even aborted these kids but she didn’t. So what if she doesn’t have a job most people can’t just up and get a job,,,i know i have six babies and i am having my 7th…….am i crazy no i believe i was meant to have children. Nadia you need your family in your life and if your mother keeps nit picking at you then i say let her go….she is suppose to support you not be against you.
    I love seeing all the things you are doing to get your babies home. The fact that children services are bugging you makes me upset.
    Hold your ground Nadia be strong and be strong……i don’t know you but i feel sympathy for all the crap that you have to go through.
    Take care…

  2. jo shefferd on March 25th, 2009 12:17 pm

    I have no sympathy for this woman. The media should drop her like a hot cake and so should DR Phil.Why should the tax payers pay for her kids,She had no job and a Dr artifically inseminates her now she has 8 babies +6 .I believe this was done for news and to make money off the people .She is a sick person .I personally and hope others feel the same way I would not give her a dime to help her.She wanted all these kids then get off ur rear and get jobs and support them.If you cant there are plenty of families who are able to love and care for these kids.This woman has a problem,and she needs to step up to the plate and take care of it .Not expect the government and the people to do it for her.She wants all the crap she gets .All this woman wants is money from everyone and the media.The Dr who did this should have to be responsible for the 8 babies he knew the circumstances of this woman ,no job 6 kids allready etc.So i hope the media and talk shows and people just forget this woman exists and grant you these babies and kids will end up with good loving homes and parents who can properly care for them.If this media stops ,if not the people in this country who are struggling will be paying for these kids for 18 yrs.This is soooooooo morally wrong.

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