Nadya Suleman likely to get rich one way or another – Senator hopes to keep it from happening again

March 4, 2009

(ChattahBox) — The tabloid-friendly tale of the California “Octomom” gets weirder by the day. The unmarried, unemployed, on government assistance Nadya Suleman is going to likely strike it rich one way or another. While Suleman  has turned down $1 million and health insurance for her burgeoning brood to star in porno flicks for now, she might soon by her own devices, be seen in a very graphic film role anyway. TMZ has confirmation from multiple sources that a videotape showing Nadya giving birth to her 8 babies in the hospital room is being shopped around town — FOR SEVEN FIGURES. Why would people pay to watch, is beyond me?
I am guessing she’s also being paid well for her visits on Dr. Phil, (five episodes in two weeks), and videos on RadarOnline. And offers continue to pour in from the vultures, like celebrity attorney Gloria Allred who offered Suleman a house and 24-hour nursing care for the octuplets. Suleman so far has passed on this deal with the devil.

Meanwhile, a Georgia state senator has introduced legislation to limit the number of embryos that can be implanted in a woman’s uterus during in-vitro fertilization procedures.

Sen. Ralph Hudgens, a Republican from near Athens, Georgia, said his legislation was inspired by Nadya Suleman, the woman who said she gave birth to octuplets after being fertilized with six embryos — an unusually high number.

Hudgens’ plan, which was co-sponsored by several other senators, would limit the number of embryos a doctor could implant to two for women under 40 years old and three for women 40 or older.


5 Responses to “Nadya Suleman likely to get rich one way or another – Senator hopes to keep it from happening again”

  1. gala1 on March 4th, 2009 2:37 pm


    Do the math.
    There are 300 million people in America. If only one out of every 500 people contributed only $10, Nadya is already sitting on a minimum of $1.5 million dollars and likely at least twice that. And that’s not counting Canada, either.
    Nor is that counting the “donations” sheltered by her parents accepting instead of her from all the talk shows they’ve been on. No wonder her mother Angela has been so oddly complacent and going on off-camera about trips to Europe. While her house is in default.
    It is quite possible Nadya has at least $5 million as you are sitting here wondering just how broke she really is.

    Why else would a penniless mother of six invest in $25,000 worth of cosmetic surgery if not to have it on a display a bit more ambitious than a stroll down some street in Whittier?
    You don’t do that without a goal in mind. And there is as plain as the carved up nose on her face.
    Apparently Nadya Suleman has never figured out that to have a reality show you have to have some understanding of the concept of reality. And the reality is the reason she is so universally despised is that she has yet to comprehend that the very definition of motherhood is placing your children’s needs before your own.

    If these were pupppies the ASPCA would be allover it by now. And if this were about running a daycare center, her circumstances make her never even be eligible to be licensed
    She faces a future fo being closely monitored by California Child Protective services in the unlikely event that the state jeopardizes the well-being of eight infants by placing them in her care. And now they have police records to back up inadequate superision of six kids, so they are not likely to endanger eight more.

    But now that she is the Radar -National Inquirer Poster Shill she has managed to dilute her brand enough so that she’s too toxic for Oprah and will remain one of the freaks in the Dr. Phil sideshow. As for a reality show, no sponsor is going to want ther name associated with someone with the ultimate Monster Mom.
    She will go down in American culture as an example of the kind of California Fameleech who would actually utilize her children by stunting their future to gain celebrity for herself.


  2. I. B. Trucking on March 6th, 2009 12:20 am

    Where are Nasty Nadya’s six kids while she is having cosmetic surgery, being on talk shows, applying for food stamps, etc? No wonder her mother is NOT watching the kids anymore. She is FED UP with her SICK daughter. Most women can have a baby or two but not all women are Mothers. Nadya is certainly NOT a good mother. She needs to be locked up before she kills all 14 kids after all the attention dies down. This crazy woman will do anything to get and keep the attention she is getting. She is one sick puppy!!

  3. Reader on March 8th, 2009 8:37 am

    Suleman won’t be rich if she gets a million dollars. She won’t even be rich if she gets two million.

    If she gets a million first of all she has to pay taxes to the IRS, just like the rest of us. Then, with the remaining $700,000 or so, she will have to pay the hospital bills that are mounting by the day, just like the rest of us.

    Then she’ll have to pay off her student loans, just like those of us who have been responsible enough to do the same.

    Then, she’ll have to pay for housing food, clothes, diapers, medicine for those fragile premies, just like any other mom with a big brood.

    If you think a million is a lot, try to support 14 children with no income. A million dollars will be gone in a couple of months if she pays the money she owes, including the 10 months in arrears on her mom’s mortgage, which is probably because mom has been trying to help feed and clothe those babies.

    Suleman is deeply, deeply in debt. It’s going to take a lot more than a million and she should have thought of that before having so many children.

    It’s the height of irresponsibility.

  4. I. B. Trucking on March 19th, 2009 9:56 pm

    The next thing Nasty Nadya with the MICHAEL JACKSON NOSE AND DONALD DUCK LIPS will want is a Stretch Limo with her own personal Driver. Maybe our government will furnish that too or Dr. Wannabe Phil will get on his program again and BEG money – this time for a Limo and Driver. He MAKES ME SICK just like Nasty Nadya. The round the clock babysitter/nurses will get FED UP with Nadya when they see the “REAL” Welfare Queen. She is demanding and a control freak. The “Angels in Waiting” won’t put up with her. She is VERY BOSSY. She will be POSING with the babies then after the camera stops she puts the babies down. She is NOT a mother just because she had a litter of kids. She does not have the right to be called Mother. She is defrauding the government and everyone in contact with her. I’m sure she is still getting her monthly Food Stamps and FOUR Disablitliy checks from the government (one disabled check for herself and THREE out of her first SIX kids). Some of the eight babies are probably disabled too which is ASHAME!!! It’S ALL ABOUT MONEY. DON’T SEND THIS CRAZY WOMAN ANY MORE MONEY. SHE IS JUST LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK AND DESIGNER STORES. I HAVE HEARD SHE IS GETTING AT LEAST $25,000 A DAY EVERYDAY. THE MONEY IS NOT GOING TO THE KIDS BUT TO buy Nadya expensive make up and designer clothes. SHE SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR FRAUD!!!! NOW THAT SHE IS GETTING ALL OF THIS HELP 24/7 BABYSITTER/NURSES THEN WHY CAN’T NADYA GET A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US? SHE IS NO BETTER THAN I AM AND I HAVE TO WORK EVERYDAY!!!!! I HAVE NEVER ASKED OR GOTTEN ONE PENNY FROM THE GOVERNMENT. I REALLY GET FURIOUS ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE NADYA WHO KNOW HOW TO ‘WORK THE SYSTEM”…..SICKENING!!!

  5. Connie Mccomish on March 27th, 2009 9:19 am

    I am so disappointed in Dr Phil that he hasn’t see through Nadya. He keeps defending her. I could see through her the first interview she had. She said ”everything worked out perfectly”. ”That I had all seven implanted and I got eight survived. That they are a commode.” After talking to Dr. Phil she says I only wanted one more child. He has been feeding to her what to say. She is such a lye. She did all this to get all this attention. To even want one more after sex is a crime. He never talked about adoption taking her parental rights away and give some other couples a baby they want. They could be raised normal and not in a zoo! She had no regards to there health or if they are going to be disabled. The baby’s can all be taken care of not her and her other kids. She caused this and should be punished!

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