US Attorneys The Real Casualties Of War?

March 9, 2009

US (ChattahBox) – Who do you think of as the real ‘casualties of the War On Terror’? The troops? The Afghans? The Iraqi’s? The detainees? According to former US attorney’s, it should be those who spent their time under Bush assisting him in getting away with murder.

Alberto Gonzales (shown), who you might remember as the former US Attorney General who apparently forgot his involvement in the torture controversy in the same way that most people forget where they placed their keys, has said that he, and others, has found it impossible to find a decent gig in Washington.

Because of his botch up with his testimony, and his knack for turning himself into a joke, he has found it hard to get hired on with other companies. Apparently, his crimes are a little too rich for most firm’s blood.

He has even gone so far as to state in an interview that he is among the “many casualties of the war on terror”. Unbelievable.

Among others who have been ‘persecuted’ is John C. Yoo, who was personally chosen by Bush to work on a team designated to releasing WWII records detailing war crimes perpetrated by the Japanese and Nazis.

But his involvement with Bush went far beyond that. According to a story by the New York Times, Yoo also wrote a ‘top secret’, and highly dangerous, document that allowed the president to ignore laws set by the Geneva Conventions in times of war.

While this document was swept under the rug, and Yoo was kicked from his position, it was too late: the document may not have legal standing, but the damage was done.

“I think the legal profession in the United States has been seriously hurt by their conduct,” Stephen Gillers of NY University said. “There has to be accountability.”

However, unlike Gonzalez, Yoo doesn’t have to worry about a job. As a tenure professor at UC Berkeley, he is covered.

But will he continue to be so? The Obama administration is set to release further information on documents written by Mr. Yoo, as well as other questionable actions which may have been illegal at best, unconstitutional at worst.

Will he be another ‘casualty of the war on terror’? If not, doesn’t he deserve to be?


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