California Eyes Tax Revenue From Legalizing Pot

March 14, 2009

(ChattahBox)–The state of California is on the brink of economic collapse these days, and Democratic assemblyman Tom Ammiano wants to legalize marijuana to get the state’s hands on revenue from its sale. Ammiano recently introduced the Marijuana Control, Regulation and Education Act (AB 390) that will legalize pot for users over-21 years of age, the same way alcohol is regulated. Since pot is already the state’s biggest cash crop, grown for medical use, additional revenue from the retail sale of marijuana could fill up the state’s now empty coffers.

California always seems to lead the way when it comes to cultural changes. In 1996, it was the first state to legalize pot for medical use. Law enforcement officials have long believed, perhaps more so in these bad economic times with strained resources, that spending time and money chasing down pot smokers is a waste of police resources.

Critics of the United State’s drug policies are taking hope, from the new Obama administration that our country’s harsh treatment towards criminalizing pot smokers may soon change. Recently, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government would stop raiding California medical marijuana facilities.

If ever there was a positive climate to push for legalizing the sale of marijuana, it is now, with bankrupt states scrambling to find additional sources of revenue and a softening of federal policy towards its criminalization. Stay tuned for updates to the progress of Ammiano’s marijuana legalization bill as it makes it way through the state legislature.


8 Responses to “California Eyes Tax Revenue From Legalizing Pot”

  1. Jose on March 14th, 2009 1:55 pm

    Attention politicians,

    Apparently you don’t care about security, fairness, or compassion. Perhaps we can appeal to your greedy and corrupt nature by providing another way for you to suck money out of our wallets. Of course you are going to step on some toes like trial lawyers. But on the other hand, what have they done for you lately?

  2. David M on March 14th, 2009 5:31 pm

    I believe that the legalization of Marijuana should be legal nation-wide, Alcohol is far more damaging than pot. I also believe that Marijuana will greatly help our weak economy.

    Pot- You giggle, you think, it opens your mind, you relax and you get hungry when you come down. You can not overdose on Marijuana, There are medicinal uses to Pot, it can help you focus. The only real downfall to pot is that it could cause the same kind of respiratory problems that cigaretts cause.

    Alcohol- It has a tendancy to make people aggressive, Sirosous of the liver can occur after prolonged use, Hangovers, Alcohol poisoning… etc.

    Thank you

  3. adam on March 14th, 2009 6:56 pm

    OK…. well im going to adress this situation from both sides here. there was a point in time for marijuana to be illegal. When “pot” was first discovered it was then that it should have been made illegal. No one new any long term side affects, no one knew how addictive or how controling this substance could actually be. Now that there have been studies upon studies of the facts, MARIJUANA KILLS NO ONE!!!! IT IS NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE IN ANY WAY!!! THERE ARE NO SERIOUS LONG TERM SIDE AFFECTS!!! other than smoking it, but its the same when you literally smoke anything. when you breath of smoke from a fire its damaging to your lungs and body. but who has givin anyone the right to stop a single soul from smoking anything? especially marijuana… you can smoke, eat, and/or bake marijuana… i see only one harmful thing about that… smoke! All im seeing is people that have spent their lives being hypocrits and just straight up stupid! do you see any body that smokes pot askin the people that dont to do it? NO! all that we as smokers are trying to do is try and fix an already messed up economy by bringing support, income, and happiness to all. i know your saying “how is this going to bring happiness to me?” well lets think about this here… lets first think of where you work, i bet your income/hours/time at home with your family have been cut over these last few years. your spending more time at work, because your not making enough. Or maybe your hours got cut because your company couldnt afford to keep you full time. well, the legalization of marijuana in california is going to start an avalanche affect… i predict that it will become legal, and california is going to profit huge because of this. not only are people from california going to buy it, but im saying that people from other states will take a drive from nevada to cali every other day for some until nevada does the same… and so on and so forth. pretty soon we are going to have a couple thousand jobs throughout each state. you are going to need herbologists to breed and clone plants, and your going to need distribution centers in all states, transportation, etc… do you see where im going with this? its about time all you people, trying to control everyones lives by restricting what “freedoms” america has left, swallow your pride and do whats best for this country! im tired of everyone in debt and over 12.5 million people in this nation without a job! obviously what we have been doing hasnt been working… its time for a drastic change! LETS GET THE BALL ROLLING!!!

  4. scottportraits on March 15th, 2009 2:05 pm

    Finally, a really good idea whose time has come. Think not only of ‘legalizing’ smoking pot for adults, which would bring billions in as revenues for the state, but think bigger with “Industrial Hemp”, which is ecologically sound, will generate thousands of jobs, attract millions in investor dollars, and will earn the state TRILLIONS.
    Think big. Not billions, but TRILLIONS. Industrial hemp and its many applications might save the day for our sagging economy.

  5. Conservative on March 16th, 2009 1:22 pm

    Think about the revenue from the grow-your-own crowd. Maybe a $100 per year permit for a dozen plants?
    It’s time to put the criminal drug dealers out of business and let ordinary Americans grow a little marijuana in their own back yards.

  6. Mike G. on March 17th, 2009 11:27 am

    I’m frigg’in tired of stuffed shirt politicians telling me what I can and can’t do and making decisions based on “whats in my best interest”.How about”I” decide on what I do in my own home.Listen up American’s,over the years the gov’t has forgotten that they work for the people,and according to the polls I’ve seen and read regarding the legalization of marijuana, the people have spoken.Legalize it!

  7. Sue on March 18th, 2009 5:34 pm

    Thank you for all the great comments! I do realize everyone has differing views on this topic and I appreciate the civil discussion. I personally feel the time has come to take another look at our drug policies, especially marijuana. Other countries have de-criminalized marijuana, such as Portugal and were pleased with the result. I won’t use Amsterdam as an example, I just don’t see that free-for-all model working in the US, however, I don’t think the sky will fall down upon us if pot is legalized for people over 21.

    Keep your comments coming.


  8. Diddlekoff on March 24th, 2009 12:01 pm

    This is great having a comment section below the article, however, when people rant and rave of “MARIJUANA KILLS NO ONE!!!! IT IS NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE IN ANY WAY!!! THERE ARE NO SERIOUS LONG TERM SIDE AFFECTS!!!” (posted by adam), I don’t have to be Madam Cleo to know they are not medical personel. I am also under the impression that marijuana is not detrimental to your physical wellbeing, but I don’t think my typing POT IS TOTALLY RAD AND NOT BAD!! LOLZERS!1!1! will be helping the cause. Provide links to proven research kids 😉

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