U.S. Marshals seize Madoff Florida possessions

April 1, 2009

(ChattahBox) — U.S. Marshals are on the move in south Florida and have already seized two of disgraced Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff’s yachts in Fort Lauderdale, in an effort to recover assets to pay back his swindled investors.  The marshals collected a 55-foot-long yacht, named “Bull” valued at $1.5 million. The yacht is the sister ship of a $7 million yacht of the same name that currently sits in the South of France. Additionally, a second vessel known as a Pathfinder: a 24-foot-long boat, named “Little Bull,” also moored in Fort Lauderdale, was towed away by federal agents. CBS News is reporting that the government is in the midst of a systematic seizure of any and all property owned by the Madoff’s and further adding that the couple’s $9.4 million Palm Beach home is next.”


One Response to “U.S. Marshals seize Madoff Florida possessions”

  1. larry on April 1st, 2009 8:12 pm

    I think Madoff was either a Godsend or haunted by a powerful ghost.
    1. Madoff was haunted by a powerful ghost. The pronunciation of his name, “Muh-doff”, had that ghostly sound of “uh-doff” or literally “adoff” or “adolf”. While the Jews were busy firing shots at Adolf in movies or elsewhere virtual, outside, the ghost “Adolf” haunted Madolf’s body to quietly work a plan with money as baits, luring the Jews into a virtual pyramid then decimated it without firing one shot. The ghost succeeded.
    2. Madoff was a Godsend. The timing of the take down of the pyramid coincided with Israel’s attack in Gaza. Latest UN report said that 1300 people were killed, 13000 homes were destroyed. In the published Madoff’s list or Swindler’s list, there were roughly 14300 entries.
    Madolf’s 14300-level pyramid == Gaza’s 1300 + 13000 leveled homes.
    Only God or Godsend could perform mass empathy to God’s children. Now the Jews may feel the same pain as their biblical siblings, the Palestinians. Over here, Jews are scrambling to search for what’s left of their money. Over there, Palestinians scrambled to find rubbles where their homes were. It’s good news today over here, US marshalls found a $1.5M 55-foot-long yacht then a $9.4M Palm Beach home.

    But how could a ghost and a Godsend be doing one act for different purposes? Adolf died so long ago, did he come back as a Godsend? Or the whole thing was just some coincidence?
    Only God knows.

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