“Team Sarah” Suporters: Jam Senate Phones Opposing Sebelius’ Nomination

April 28, 2009

(ChattahBox)—An Internet group of Sarah Palin supporters, calling themselves, “Team Sarah,” are in the midst of a phone opposition campaign, opposing the nomination of Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Sebelius’ nomination, has been stalled in Congress by Republicans opposing her pro-choice stance on abortion, at a time when the country desperately needs a Health Secretary with Sebelius’ experience.

Dozens of members of Team Sarah, who oppose a woman’s right to choose an abortion, phoned Senate offices yesterday, demanding Sebelius not be confirmed, especially the office of Republican Senator Sam Brownback, of Kansas

Team Sarah members describe their group as “a diverse coalition of Americans dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process.” Team Sarah members are connected to the Susan B. Anthony List, a political action committee that helps pro-life women win Congressional elections, and aggressively targets politicians who don’t share the group’s anti-choice agenda.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List, came out against Sebelius when she was nominated by President Obama in March. The Anthony List has now recruited Team Sarah for one last attack against Sebelius.

At a time when the country faces a possible swine flu pandemic, Republicans have been sitting on Sebelius’ nomination for over a month now. Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas is a highly qualified candidate for Health Secretary. In 2005, Time magazine named her one of the nation’s top five governors. She was reelected to a second term in 2006.

Sebelius also served for eight years as the Kansas insurance commissioner, overseeing the huge Medicare program for the elderly and was the president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

People can differ on abortion. Sebelius happens to fall within the majority of Americans supporting a woman’s legal right to choose. That’s not to say Americans in line with Sebelius’ stance don’t have their own personal moral issues regarding abortion.

America needs a Health Secretary and Governor Kathleen Sebelius’ nomination should not be held up because she has beliefs held by the majority of Americans.

(Update:Kathleen Sebelius was just confirmed to the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services. America will now have a much needed Health Secretary.)



7 Responses to ““Team Sarah” Suporters: Jam Senate Phones Opposing Sebelius’ Nomination”

  1. Annie on April 28th, 2009 2:55 pm

    Team Sarah is needs to get back under that rock.
    Palin herself recently spoke of the “choice” she made.
    These rightwingnuts need to let it go……..no one is forcing them to have abortions…..

  2. Old Man Dotes on April 28th, 2009 5:42 pm

    Now that the Dems have a filibuster-proof majority, why don’t we outlaw the Nazi, er, Republican party?

  3. Sue on April 28th, 2009 6:02 pm

    Americans can certainly disagree on political views and social issues like abortion, but Adolph HItler and the Nazis mass murdered millions of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals and other nationalities. I may not agree with Republican policies, but they certainly are not Nazis and neither are Democrats. This type of hateful rhetoric helps no one and just serves to further divide and polarize the people of this country.

    For that matter, neither are democrats “Socialists,” or “Fascists,” we all are just regular Americans trying to raise our families and live our lives.

  4. David on April 29th, 2009 10:04 am

    “An Internet group of Sarah Palin supporters”

    Yea right! Has anyone actually went and looked at the hate on that site? They are nothing but hate/fear mongers with an absolute anti-Obama/Democrat agenda. Every so often you will find some pro Sarah Palin blogs but most are horrible. Go look for yourself. Susan B Anthony would probably not be very happy her legacy has been reduced to something as nasty as Team Sarah.

  5. Byron on April 29th, 2009 3:56 pm

    I guess they showed them. Oops wait, Kathleen was confirmed.

    I guess it goes to show you that some people have nothing but time to waste.

  6. Kodiak Dan on April 29th, 2009 7:29 pm

    61-35 to confirm. We can see just how influential Sarah Palin is (not). And how much she (doesn’t) reflect the mood and views of the country.

  7. David on April 30th, 2009 9:11 am

    Maybe Team Sarah isn’t spewing enough hate? They need to work on that and get more hateful. That may work.

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