Transgender Little Boy Makes Leap to Life as a Girl

May 19, 2009

(ChattahBox)—A couple in Omaha, Nebraska are not shying away from the fact that their 8-year-old son is transgender. Their vivacious and engaging second-grader will be starting third grade in a different school next fall, as a girl with a new female name and a shiny blond ponytail tied in a ribbon.

The little boy has always attended a private Catholic school, but he is not welcome to attend school there as a girl and his parents were forced to switch to a public school. But it will be worth it, because their son who was born feeling trapped in the wrong body from practically the moment he was entered this world, will no longer have to hide his true identity and will be given the chance to live life as a girl.

The couple has gone public with their story to educate the public about transgender children, but their identities remain secret to protect their child. It’s hard for most people to understand the notion of a transgender individual.

Transgender is defined as the state of one’s gender identity not matching one’s assigned sex. Psychologists refer to the condition as gender identity disorder. Whatever it’s defined as, transgender children will tell you that it hurts.

Many transgender individuals suffer an increased risk for depression, suicide and even drug abuse, as they grow up ashamed and confused, hating the bodies they were born with.

Imaging waking up one morning literally switched into a body of the opposite sex. That’s how transgender children feel.

The mother of the 8-year-old boy says he asked to be called a girl from the age of four and prayed that someday his outside would match his inside. His crayon drawings look like any other artwork of a second-grade little girl, with images of mermaids and princesses, except he is biologically a boy.

When his mother realized his feminine behavior was not a phase, she accepted her son for who he was and slowly began to allow him to wear dresses and otherwise appear as a girl. His favorite toy is a beloved American Girl doll.

The couple are part of a growing trend to allow transgender children to live their life under the sexual identity they feel they belong to, in order to prevent psychological damage as they mature. With the advent of the Internet, couples with transgender children can now come together and find help and support.

The couple certainly could have made a different decision, by hiding their son’s condition and not allowing their son to live openly as a girl. But their son would have been miserable and a parent’s love for their children knows no bounds.

When the mother sees her son laughing and happy as a girl, she knows in her heart that no other decision would be possible. “…It’s something most people have never heard of, but it doesn’t make it scary or pathological,” said the mother.



3 Responses to “Transgender Little Boy Makes Leap to Life as a Girl”

  1. Ann Atkins on May 20th, 2009 10:18 pm

    Kudos to these parents….this child deserves to live happy and express who she feels she is. If only more people were accepting!

  2. Audrey Hopkins on May 26th, 2009 11:40 am

    I wish the best for this family. It’s clear they have the best interests of their child in mind. I recognize that many people will disagree, but those who have seen this situation understand that gender is formed in the brain in utero even before hormones determine what’s between a person’s legs.

  3. A.Roddy on June 12th, 2009 12:39 am

    Something is wrong with the world when 8 year olds have id crisis the parents let them get away with it because they dont want to argue . How can a child know these things He is too young to be making such decisions. Goodness I never heard such at his age. Why cant people be satisfied with the way they are. Kids grow up too fast

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