Bush Gives First Major Speech as Ex President At Lake Michigan College

May 29, 2009

Michigan (ChattahBox) – Former President George W. Bush gave a public address to students at Lake Michigan College, where he was one of several guest speakers. It was his first major speech addressing his presidency since he left office Jan. 20.

He spoke candidly, rather then defensively, about his time in the White House, touching on his decision to invade Iraq, the economic collapse and preceding step away from his usual financial policy of a free market during the initial bailouts, and his authorization of harsh interrogation tactics.

All in all, his speech lasted just over twenty minutes, and he took questions from the audience for an hour, something he had been largely unwilling to do during his time as President. It offered a chance for the students to get a more personal look into a man who had been widely criticized for his lack of transparency in the past.

In what appeared to be in reference to the waterboarding of Al-Qaeda leader Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Bush said, “I made a decision within the law to get information so I can say, I’ve done what it takes to do my duty to protect the American people. I can tell you, the information gained saved lives.”

He balanced that remark by saying, “We should care about poverty overseas, for our own self-interest. … Ideologues can only recruit when they find hopeless people. If you’re hungry, diseased, impoverished, you’re more easy to recruit.”

He also told the crowd of 1,500 that he abandoned his free-market principles to bail out the U.S. financial industry because he was told the nation otherwise would fall into a depression, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Whatever your opinions of Bush, whatever feelings you may have on the his eight years as Commander and Chief, one statement quoted in MSNBC seems to sum it up.

When asked what legacy he hopes he would leave behind, Bush replied, “I hope it is this: ‘The man showed up in the office with a set of principles and he was unwilling to sacrifice his principles for the sake of popularity.'”

The speech will help raise money to fund Bush’s foundation, which will build his presidential library at Southern Methodist University. His aides have said they’ve collected $100 million of the $300 million goal so far.


One Response to “Bush Gives First Major Speech as Ex President At Lake Michigan College”

  1. bill johnston on May 29th, 2009 3:11 pm

    under Bush, the US manufacturing sector was literally parted out to every crony and crook who payed for the priveledge, shipped across the globe, and the legitimate citizens of the nation thrown under a bus… a bus that they had to pay for..

    not only is bush a failed disgrace as a conservative.. so is the coverage of this garbage speech..
    what Bush cant/wont understand, is that you can ACTUALLY MEASURE a policies desireablity by its RESULTS.. this nonsense of how our economy is going to really take off.. Bush can stick it in his rear exit.. that piece of human debris presided over dismantling the economy/ jobs/communites of millions of americans, while trying to simultaneously force through amnesty for those here illegally… Bush covered for the corrupt and illegal, made them whole after their schemes collapsed, and lauched a EIGHT YEAR LONG attack on middle class americans.. Osama Bin Laden was our enemy, but in actuall RESULTS (once again Bush) he cant hold a candle to what BUSH did to working americans..

    Get lost Bush, that is the kindest thing I can resort to suggesting for him.. for a man who never filled out a single job application in his life, we could expect only a disaster from this soft-handed, silver spoon traitor who speaks of ”freedom”.. freedom for WHO george?

    Im not a torture/waterboarding fan, but frankly Im sick of hearing about from a bunch of liberals without any priorities in order… BUSH SINGLE HANDEDLY DESTROYED OR ECONOMY, parcelled it out to his global investor buddies, gave away 30 % of our best paying manufacturing jobs through his ”free trade”, and then gavve out treasury to his global crook buddies on his way out the door,…
    and the best you can assail him for is a waterboarding????
    Ideology+corrupt enron pals+lobbyists / result oriented logic = BUSH

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