GOP Displaying Hyprocrisy: Voting Against War-Spending

June 16, 2009

(ChattahBox)—House Republicans are prepared to vote unanimously against President Obama’s $106 billion Supplemental War Bill, after many Republicans just complained the bill wasn’t large enough, accusing President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates of gutting the Pentagon’s budget, putting our national defense and troops at risk.

Now, because the Supplemental War Bill contains a $5 billion increase for the International Monetary Fund, or IMF to aid foreign nations affected by the global financial crisis, the Republicans plan to deny our troops funding altogether.

Republicans opposing war funding is certainly a novelty. During the eight years of the Bush administration, Republicans equated supporting the ever-mushrooming military budget with patriotism and supporting the troops. Republicans vilified any Democrat who dared to vote against a war-funding bill, as not supporting our troops and placing our national security in peril.

According to a detailed piece written by Walter Alarkon from The Hill, Senator Kerry was continually attacked by opponents during the 2004 presidential campaign to explain his change of heart in first supporting the war spending bill, and then later voting against it.

A scenario the House Republicans plan to replicate in 2009, when they vote against a war-funding bill they originally supported.

No matter how many carefully nuanced ways Kerry explained his change in position, the Republicans had a field day with the issue, accusing Kerry of not supporting our troops. A year later in 2005, Republican Rep. Tom Cole upped the Republican war funding rhetoric even further, declaring voting against war funding as the “immoral thing to do.”

How things have changed in just a few short years. House Republicans today, are less concerned about funding the troops during a time when we are fighting two wars, and more interested in obstructing Obama’s effort to keep his promise to foreign leaders and contribute to IMF funding.

House Republicans are claiming Obama is improperly using the war-funding bill to pass IMF funding, which is a non-military item.

But Republicans have done the exact same thing in years past. For example, Republicans tacked on farm subsidies to the 2006 Supplemental War Bill.

Expect to hear the word hypocrisy in coming weeks from Democrats and rightly so, as the Supplemental War Bill comes up for a vote soon and Republicans move to oppose it.

Republicans opposing war funding because of an IMF funding item, which represents about 5 percent of the total bill, will be difficult to explain away with a straight face to their constituents.

Still, if Republicans make enough noise and stoke the fear mongering media machine about Obama’s “global bailout” going to “hostile foreigners” their hypocrisy will not be so evident, but that’s a long shot.

Considering that Republican House Minority Leader, John Boehner supported a nearly identical IMF funding bill in 1998 during the Clinton administration, it would be hard for Republicans now to vote against such a bill, without the stench of hypocrisy coloring their opposition.

Boehner, along with Newt Gingrich and other Republicans approved Clinton’s request for $18 billion in IMF funding to help nations deal with the effects of the Asian financial crisis.

“I have been as critical about the IMF as many, but given the crisis we have around the world, the U.S. needs to provide leadership.” “The only real avenue is the IMF,” said Boehner in 1998.

(Update: The supplemental War Bill narrowly passed on Tuesday, 226-202, with all but five Republicans voting against it.)



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  1. carly on June 18th, 2009 8:07 am

    Pure hypocrisy by the Republicans. Just politics as usual. there is a related post at

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