Mexican Gulf Cartel Assassins: Defile Texas Towns With Death, Drugs and Bloodshed

June 23, 2009

(ChattahBox)—A vicious group of rogue Mexican commandos, turned assassins for the Gulf drug cartel, named the Zetas have spread death and destruction along the dirt poor, Rio Grande border town of Laredo and their violent operations are beginning to spread to the cities of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

An eye-opening piece in Tuesday’s New York Times, explores the grip the powerful and bloodthirsty Zetas hold over the impoverished male teens of Loredo, luring them into a life of murder and drugs, with the promise of fast money and fancy cars.

The Zetas’ home base of operations is right across the river from Laredo in the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo. Zeta members frequently cross the river to Laredo to recruit poor teens into their cartel to train them as drug couriers and assassins for hire.

Many American teens growing up in Laredo Texas live in poverty, residing in sad ramshackle houses raised on cinder blocks on dirt lots, with little hope for a better life. Boys growing up on Laredo’s tough streets idolize Zeta cartel members as heroes, watching them cruise the streets in fancy cars, flashing fistfuls of cash.

Many of the male teens recruited into the Zetas, begin killing before they are barely old enough to shave. Their brutal criminal careers are short lived. Either they become imprisoned for the rest of their lives or lose their own lives to the violence that surrounds them.

Rosalio Reta, now 19 and serving a life sentence for murder in a Texas prison, was recruited into the Zetas to become an assassin, when he was just 13-years-old. His story is not unlike many American Laredo teens, who were recruited into the Zetas to be trained as cold-blooded killers.

Reta boasted to Texas law enforcement authorities of killing at least 30 people in Mexico, not including the murders he committed on U.S. soil. He says he murdered his first man when he was 13-years-old, with a .38 Super pistol, as the man was being held down in a chair. From that moment on, Reta became addicted to the thrill of a kill, often volunteering as a paid assassin.

Reta described the excitement he felt working as a Zeta assassin, comparing it to living in a real-life James Bond movie. Devoid of a conscience, with the newly obtained dead eyes of a killer, Reta was put up in an expensive house in Laredo, with other Zeta cartel members, paid with a $500 weekly retainer, to effectively stay on call waiting to be hired for murder.

Reta and his team of assassins were paid from $10,000 to $50,000 for each kill, with an additional bonus of two kilos of cocaine paid to the triggerman. Reta was so good at killing; he was rewarded by his bosses with a new $70,000 Mercedes.

One of the U.S. murders, he was convicted for, took place on Dec. 8, 2005, where he approached Moises Garcia, a suspected drug dealer and member of the Mexican Mafia prison gang, in front of the Torta-Mex restaurant while he was with his wife and child. Reta aimed his gun and shot Garcia dead.

Reta is no longer plaguing the streets of Laredo and the Mexican City of Nuevo Laredo with his bloodthirsty trigger finger, but he is just one of a legion of trained Zeta assassins infecting the border towns of Texas and the problem is mushrooming into the quiet, more affluent neighborhoods of Dallas.

At this very moment, a Zeta cartel member is lurking in the poor neighborhoods of Laredo, eying potential male teen recruits struggling with adolescence, poverty and hopelessness who are looking for a way out, their troubled expressions soon to be replaced with the dark unemotional countenance of a killer.


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