John Edwards Made Steamy Sex Tape With Mistress?

June 28, 2009

(ChattahBox)—John Edwards’ sordid extramarital affair with former campaign “videographer” Rielle Hunter just became even more scandalous, as the N.Y. Daily News is reporting on the existence of a sex tape of the cheating Edwards and Hunter.

Along with the sex tape are new revelations concerning the lengths former Edwards aide, Andrew Young took to cover Edwards’ tracks, even falsely admitting he fathered Hunter’s baby.

The back-story of former U.S. Senator John Edwards, vice presidential candidate and presidential hopeful, is perhaps more unseemly and intriguing than the actual affair. Edwards began an affair with Hunter soon after he met her in a N.Y. bar sometime in 2006. She was later hired to produce video webcasts of Edwards on the campaign trail.

The affair was uncovered by the tabloid newspaper, The National Enquirer, but Edwards repeatedly denied claims he had an affair. Although Edwards claims he ended the affair before he officially declared his presidential campaign in December 2006, he repeatedly lied about the affair while a presidential candidate.

Edwards finally admitted the affair on television in a Nightline interview with Bob Woodruff in August 2008. His wife Elizabeth has terminal breast cancer and they have three children. Edwards was vilified for cheating on his very ill and very devoted wife, as well as lying about it to his supporters and staff.

Offering an explanation of how he became involved in an extramarital affair, Edwards said his popularity as a national figure led to a “…self-focus, an egotism, a narcissism that leads you to believe that you can do whatever you want. You’re invincible. And there will be no consequences.”

Hunter gave birth to a daughter on February 27, 2008, she named Frances Quinn. Edwards denies the child is his. In fact, Edwards’ aide, Andrew Young came out publicly admitting through his attorney that the child was his. Young is married with three children.

Young now claims, that the child is actually Edwards’ and he agreed to take the fall for him. Young was so devoted to Edwards he welcomed Hunter into his home with his wife and children, while waiting for her child to be born.

However, Young’s name is not listed on the child’s birth certificate as the father. In fact, no father is listed.

Young and his family moved to a new home after Hunter’s child was born and it was then that Young found the sex tape, while unpacking.

Young is no longer devoted to his former boss, and is now about to publish a “tell-all” book, throwing Edwards way under the bus.

Besides revealing the existence of a sex tape, Young is also promising juicy details into the affair between Edwards and Hunter. Young’s proposal was salacious enough to have earned him a publishing deal with St. Martin’s Press for an undisclosed amount.

The Daily News cites an unnamed source to make the claim that, Hunter confided to Young that she and Edwards talked about getting married when Elizabeth passed away from her battle with breast cancer. They supposedly even discussed the musical selections that would be played at their wedding.

Other revelations in Young’s book pitch, include claims that Elizabeth Edwards believes that Young stole her late son Wade’s baseball card collection, that Elizabeth partly blames Young for her husband’s affair and that Edwards didn’t get along with his running mate John Kerry.

It’s difficult to weed through all the unnamed sources and speculation to arrive at the truth.

Why did Young agree to falsely claim Hunter’s child was his? It’s one thing to claim to be devoted to Edwards, but to falsely claim to father a child when he has a wife and three children of his own, defies logic. If that is indeed the truth, what changed in the interim to transform Young from a devoted aide to a man shopping a tell-all book to the highest bidder?

Young’s professional and personal life surely must have taken a big hit from his revelation that he fathered Hunter’s child and now it appears he is determined to recoup some of his financial losses.

However, Fred Baron, Edwards’ former national finance chairman and a wealthy Dallas-based attorney, admitted he sent money to Hunter and to Young to help them re-settle in California and go forward with their lives. Baron denies he sent them money on behalf of Edwards.

Baron also admitted to providing both Young and Hunter with lawyers connected with his practice.

One thing is for certain, the decade-long friendship and professional association between Edwards and Young is long over.


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