Michigan Mayoral Candidate Plans to Turn “Vehicle City” Into “Cannabis City”

June 29, 2009

(ChattahBox)— Flint, Michigan mayoral write-in candidate Ronald Higgerson, is promoting a unique campaign platform to restore his city to the former economic powerhouse it was once, in the heydays of automobile manufacturing, which includes marijuana and lots of it.

Higgerson, 46-years-old, who describes himself as a “Flint liberal with radical-centrist tendencies,” is promoting the idea of turning Flint into the epicenter for the medical marijuana industry.

Michigan’s voters just recently voted overwhelmingly to allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes, and Higgerson plans to take that momentum to transform the boarded up schools and vacant buildings dotting Flint, into marijuana growing and research sites.

He envisions the closed Flint Central High School as the future site of a major Cannabis Research Center and other vacant buildings used as “municipal grow rooms.” His other big dreams involve the scores of Flint’s unemployed autoworkers, someday earning a decent wage working in the medical marijuana industry.

Like Martin Luther King, Higgerson also has a dream that the growing of marijuana can someday ease racial tensions, as people of all races work side-by-side growing and harvesting marijuana. “It’s not controlled by white or black,” said Higgerson.

The revenue and taxes earned from growing, harvesting and selling marijuana could restore Flint to a financially viable city again. “Let’s regulate it, tax it and educate,” said Higgerson.

Higgerson admits to using medical marijuana himself for back pain, but isn’t advocating anyone under 18 to use the drug.

The obstacles to Higgerson’s visions for Flint’s future as a marijuana capital don’t deter Higgerson. Namely, marijuana use is still illegal under federal law and the current medical marijuana law in Michigan doesn’t legally allow users to obtain marijuana seeds to grow it.

Meanwhile, Higgerson realizes he faces a slim to none chance of winning the mayoral election as a write in candidate, and his “out there” ideas, may not be supported by many residents, but Ronald Higgerson dreams big.

“Give the city of Flint citizens one seed, and they will give you back 100,000 plants,” said Higgerson.



3 Responses to “Michigan Mayoral Candidate Plans to Turn “Vehicle City” Into “Cannabis City””

  1. TYC on June 29th, 2009 4:05 pm

    Yeah! Sanity returns!

  2. Old Man Dotes on June 29th, 2009 4:18 pm

    The Federal government could take some lessons from this guy. There are literally $billions in lost revenue because Federal drug laws have driven the trade underground; if it can’t be legally sold, it can’t be taxed (nor controlled; at least there’s someone checking ID at the corner liquor store; the guy selling speed to your kid at school sure doesn’t care how old he is!).

  3. Jeff on June 29th, 2009 9:58 pm

    Now this is the forward thinking politician we need! If I lived in Flint he would have my vote. Medical/Recreational/Industrial Marijuana/Hemp is the financial future. It is taking time only because our federal gov has blatantly lied to ‘We The People’ and suppressed/denied scientific/medical research into the Cannabis Plant. Cannabis was legal and in over 50% of Over The Counter drugs in drug stores until 1942’ish. Hence it was used by millions of people in only the 20th century. With no reported ill effects, overdose or death. It is logical to assume that the healing qualities of marijuana that existed before marijuana prohibition are still there. To deny this extremely safe and therapeutic herb from the people is tantamount to murder in my case and millions of others.

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