A hard look at Sarah Palin

July 1, 2009

(ChattahBox) — Vanity Fair, has a feature article on Sarah Palin, who burst onto the national political scene last year as John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate, and is likely also considering a 2012 presidential run.  The article harshly examines what went wrong with the 2008 GOP campaign and what the future holds for the “sexiest and riskiest brand in the Republican Party,” i.e. Sarah Palin. The author Todd S. Purdum got a lot of the inside scoop from friends and campaign workers for Arizona Sen. John McCain who are now more then willing to talk to Vanity Fair about what Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s candidacy as vice president did for the republican ticket in 2008.  Here’s a hint, one of the many unnamed sources nicknamed Palin, “A Little Shop of Horrors.” Purdum sites McCain’s failure in  the vetting process to spot, ” Palin’s lack of national experience, her unnerving ambition, and signs of her erratic nature.  I am sure many will say the article is a hatchet job on Ms. Palin.  For me the article was quite insightful, on a couple of levels, with all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on at the state and national political level, and the thought that McCain might just have won with a smarter VP choice … cringe, shudder


7 Responses to “A hard look at Sarah Palin”

  1. William Shipley on July 1st, 2009 11:42 am

    Another in a series of articles critical of Sarah Palin based on ‘unnamed sources’. And the vetting has been documented, none of the ‘surprises’ were actually surprises to the ones doing the vetting. There were just a number of staffers who weren’t as ‘inside’ as they thought they were.

    For all those who consider Sarah Palin a lightweight, consider how well Alaska is doing compared to pretty much the rest of the states. My state’s issuing IOU’s because there’s no money left. Perhaps making money through private industry, not spending more than you have and building jobs and energy is old fashioned. Modern, intelligent, leaders borrow trillions from China and want us to be energy independent by parking our cars and turning out the lights.

  2. Pesa Mystic on July 1st, 2009 11:59 am

    Lack of national experience, unnerving ambition, and signs of erratic nature? Sounds more like an apt description of Obama!

  3. IvandaTerrible on July 1st, 2009 12:02 pm

    Best video of 09 – ‘Nailin Palin’

    — Sorry Todd.

  4. Jeb Bush / Lez Cheney 2012 on July 1st, 2009 12:14 pm

    “Perhaps making money through private industry”. Oh, yeah, this all started once Obama got elected. It was great in the USA when Bushie was Prez. No TRILLION S for IRAQI War. No Billions in waste and corruption to Haliburton, KBR, etc. NO Bilions to CitiGroup, AIG… Oh but try to help the regular guys and the repug’s shout SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST!!! Who do you think paid for Bush’s war in IRAQ idiot – the Chinese did. Now they can but cheap oil there. Wow, you repug’s are really smart!

  5. ricky on July 1st, 2009 1:26 pm

    The War in Iraq has saved money and lives.

    Imagine, if you can, that 9/11 might have increased the profile of al-Qaeda. Imagine that Saddam got over his suspicion, and allied with them. Everybody knows they were in contact, just not to the point of sharing operational planning. That is, everybody who has read the 9/11 Report.

    Further, imagine that the sanctions were lifted, because Madeline All-Idiot thought we were killing half a million Iraqi babies with the sanctions.

    Presto, we have al-Qaeda backed by a totalitarian state with an industrial base, something that Afghanistan could not provide.

    *THAT* is what the War in Iraq prevented.

    Duh Left would rather have thousands of Americans killed, than allow the United States to defend herself with her volunteers.

    They will second-guess *everything*, from operational logistics down to the individual soldier’s career choice. Because the only American soldier Duh Left likes is a dead American soldier so they can put words in his mouth.

    We could float our navy on their crocodile tears.

  6. Old Man Dotes on July 1st, 2009 2:37 pm

    As a retired US Army NCO (Mech Infantry, Bradley commander), and an educated man, I consider the war in Iraq to be nothing more than Cheney and Bush’s desperate attempt to distract the American people from the Republican rape of the economy. Who got richer during Bush’s Administration? Rich industrialists. Who got poorer? Joe Average American. Why? Because the Republicans did everything they could – and that was pretty much everything that was done for 8 years – to eliminate taxes on the wealthy and increase taxes on the poor and the middle-class.

    As for Al Queda being backed by an industrial base, it appears more and more that 9/11 was perpetrated with the backing of Saudi Arabia – a soi-disant ally of the USA. So Iraq is not and was not a threat (and there were never any WMDs there), but Saudi Arabia was, and remains, a huge and wealthy threat.

    The Dittoheads have tried to blame everything on the Democrats,but the fact is that *ALL* of our current economic problems stem from deregulation of the banking industry – by the Reagan administration – and rollbacks of fuel economy requirements for the auto industry by the Bush administration.

    You idiots made your bed, but we *all* have to lie in it.

  7. Jeb Bush / Lez Cheney 2012 on July 1st, 2009 3:44 pm

    Dear Ricky – We have spent trillions yes trillions on Iraq. Saddam was running the country just fine without Al Quida and actually Osama Bin Ladin personally hated him since he was somewhat less than a devout muslim. Perhaps they were in contact because Saddam was trying to gather intelligence on Al Quida to protect himself. DUH! Perhaps Ricky, a non retarded President and Repug Party would have spent that money actually CAPTURING the man behind 911 – remember him – Osama Bin Laden. Apparently like all repug’s you can imagine all kinds of really cool fantasies to justy your failures, except one reality that actually captures the man who did 911. AMAZING!

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